Mark Lester Paternity Claim: Biological Father of Paris Jackson?

August 10, 2009

Mark Lester, who starred in the musical Oliver, has now backtracked on his paternity claim about Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris. Read more and see photos and video here.

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In a confusing twist, the godfather of Michael Jackson’s children seems to have fooled himself. That’s right, he has now denied his own paternity claim—Mark Lester originally told News Of The World that he could be Paris’ father.

Mark Lester recently told E! News: “I’m sure, as far as I know, [the children] were all his.”

The confusion seemed to have begun when Lester told News Of The World that he donated sperm to MJ back in 1996. He says that NOTW then took the news of the sperm donation, and twisted it to make it seem he was claiming to be the father.

Lester says he is not sure what came of the sperm sample, and seems to be willing to take a paternity test in order to put the rumors to rest.

Although the Oscar winning star of Oliver! told the same tabloid that he sees some striking similarities between his own daughter a Paris, he points to certain features that lead him to believe he’s not the father:

“Paris is very pale and Prince has Michael’s eyes. And certainly Blanket is facially very similar to Michael.”

I think they should simply run a paternity test on anyone who MJ knew, because these sort of stories continue to pop up.

Another woman, Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, just filed paperwork saying that she gave birth to all three of MJ’s kids. And let’s not forget Billie Jean Jackson, who was seen in court for an estate hearing this morning…or how about Dr. Arnold Klein, who also reportedly donated sperm to MJ? He is also rumored to be the father of Paris and Prince Michael. The list goes on…

What do you think about Mark Lester’s paternity claim?

See more photos and video below.

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