Edwards’ Mistress In Court: John Edwards Investigation

August 7, 2009

John Edwardsmistress was in court yesterday afternoon. Rielle Hunter arrived with their rumored love child and refused to answer questions. Read more and see photos and video here.

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John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter arrived in court yesterday where a grand jury was meeting to investigate his campaign spending. Rielle also had with her, Frances Quinn, the rumored love child from their affair.

Rielle Hunter was escorted in to the North Carolina court house by two FBI agents and attorney, and she refused to comment on her reason for being there. Hunter’s attorneys also declined to confirm she was at the courthouse to testify before the jury.

Edwards is being investigated to see whether Edwards mishandled campaign donations during his presidential run. John has confirmed that the grand jury investigation is in regards to the $100,000 his political action committee paid Hunter for campaign videos. He has denied the money was given to Hunter in return for her silence on the identity of her baby’s father.

The National Enquirer reported that baby Frances Quinn is Edwards’ daughter, but Hunter has not confirmed. Meanwhile, Edwards has offered to take a paternity test to prove he’s not the father.

Edwards’ cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, told Oprah in an interview earlier this year that she is unsure of the paternity of the baby.

“I’ve seen a picture of the baby. I have no idea. It doesn’t look like my children, but I don’t have any idea.”

See video below.

Photos: www.wenn.com

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