Shwayze Let It Beat Album Cover And Get U Home Lyrics Video

August 5, 2009

Shwayze has released an official album cover for their new album titled “Let It Beat”. Their new compilation of jams is due out in September of 2009. Read more, see the official Shwayze Let It Beat Album cover, the Shwayze Get U Home lyrics and video here.



Shwayze is a hot duo comprised of the talented Aaron Smith and Cisco Adler. The two joined forces to mix their rap and rock roots to create a sound all their own. As a follow up to their debut album, Let It Beat is the second studio album from the California born boys and is set to drop in September of 2009. Fans, be ready to experience a little bit of everything on this album!

The new album titled, Let It Beat was first announced by Cisco Adler in February of 2009 via his Myspace page. The group has confirmed guest collaborations from The Knux, Tabi Bonney and Chris Young. All tracks on the album were produced by Cisco Adler, outside of “Man Eater”, which was produced by Kojak and Ric Ocasek.

“Get U Home” is the first single off of the Let It Beat album and was officially released in July of 2009. Take a listen to it below.

Click here to see the official Shwayze Let It Beat album cover.

Click here for the Get U Home lyrics.

Watch the Get U Home video created by Cisco Adler below. The official video has not yet been released.

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Shwayze Get U Home Video by Cisco Adler

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