Maxwell Bad Habits Video, Lyrics

August 5, 2009

Here is the official Maxwell Bad Habits video featuring actress Kerry Washington. See photos, the music video, Maxwell Bad Habits lyrics in support of the second single from the Grammy-nominated R&B neo-soul singer’s critically acclaimed album BLACKSummer’sNight.


The music video is in support of the second official single from his fourth studio album, BLACKsummer’snight, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 upon its release on July 7, 2009. It was his first album in eight years, and its chart topping success attests to the enduring popularity of the singer-songwriter, 36, who was a trailblazer in the 1990s neo-soul genre.

Maxwell Bad Habits video had its debut on August 5, 2009 on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, a nationally syndicated radio program, as well as online on the program’s Web site. The steamy music video which costars the singer-songwriter and actress Kerry Washington is a cinematic and stylistic exploration of a illicit affair. Here are some behind the scenes photos from the music video which were originally posted on the official Maxwell Twitter.

The Maxwell Bad Habits lyrics and music were co-produced and co-written by the singer songwriter and Hod Davis, his longtime collaborator, who co-produced and co-wrote the album in its entirety.

With the success of the new album and its two singles, Maxwell has made a major return to music scene. His previous 2001 album “Now” topped both the Billboard 200 and Billboard R&B album charts upon release and produced two hit singles “This Woman’s Work” and “Lifetime.” He made his notable debut in 1996 with the platinum selling album Urban Hang Suite. The new album is part of a BLACKSUMMERS’NIGHT trilogy of albums, the second and third set for release in 2010 and 2011; blackSUMMERS’night and blacksummers’NIGHT.

Here are the Maxwell Bad Habits lyrics. More photos and the Maxwell Bad Habits video below.


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4 Responses to “Maxwell Bad Habits Video, Lyrics”

  1. 1
    Savvy Says:

    Sexy ass video…good acting for a singer, lol! I just love Maxwell and this album too. Has anyone bought that K’Jon cd, I Get Around…I heard it is great?!

  2. 2
    Cincy Chelle Says:

    Max you got 2 bless us in the ‘Nati !! Soon, Very Soon

  3. 3
    Rachel Says:

    My baby is back… long time comin but it was worth the wait. A smoove groove that this industry has been missing. Can’t wait til u are in HTown, Tx in October.

  4. 4
    katrena Says:

    Maxwell is the bomb. He soul sings his music