Tom Brady Sisters: Photos of Tom Brady’s Family

August 4, 2009

Tom Brady may be the cat’s meow now, but who would have thought that as a young man his sisters outshone him? Read more about Tom Brady’s sisters and see photos of Tom Brady’s family and video here.

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Superstar football player and hunk Tom Brady does in fact have three older sisters, all of whom were better at sports than he was at a young age. Surprising?

But his sisters are rumored to be the reason behind Tom’s extreme competitiveness, as all of his sisters were phenomenal baseball players.

Maureen Brady excelled as a senior pitcher, while sisters Julie and Nancy were amazing shortstop and catcher respectively.

Brady’s oldest sister Maureen remembers, “Us girls, we were all pretty good in sports, always in the newspaper. Tommy always used to be known as ‘Maureen Brady’s little brother’ or ‘The Little Brady.’ So he writes a paper, saying one day he wants us to be known as Tom Brady’s sisters. He wrote, ‘One day, I’m going to be a household name.’ That’s what he told my mom, ‘One day I’m going to be a household name.’ ”

A longtime friend of Brady’s says, “He was very clearly the low man on the totem pole. Whereas Tom didn’t really fill out until college, all of those girls were very pretty and were great athletes. I think there was a self-consciousness, a feeling that, ‘If I’m going to get my name in the paper like them, I have to step it up.’ ”

While Tom Brady lived in the shadows of his sisters, now he has definitely proved himself to be a shining star, a star quarterback and now a sex symbol worldwide.

Click here to view photos of Tom Brady’s family.

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