Cameron Douglas: Michael Douglas’ Son

August 4, 2009

Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron Douglas, has been arrested in New York City. Reports are saying that Cameron was arrested for drugs earlier on August 3rd, 2009. Read more, see photos and video here.

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Cameron Douglas, Michael Douglas Son

Cameron Douglas, the son of Michael Douglas, has been arrested for possession of methamphetamines with the intent to distribute, is reporting.

Cameron was, in fact, busted for drugs back in 2007, when he was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. Police had found a syringe with liquid cocaine in a car that he was in.

The New York Post is saying that Cameron was playing middleman to half a pound of crystal meth, close to $20K worth! A source says, “He had been staying at the hotel for some time in a room rented by his father, and when authorities barged in, they found the place a mess and Cameron Douglas “very strung out”.

Douglas is said to be still in custody.

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Cameron Douglas Photos

Cameron Douglas Video

Photos: Nikki Nelson/, Dimitri Halkidis/

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