People Magazine Saved By The Bell Picture

August 4, 2009

Twenty years later, the Saved By The Bell cast has reunited for a new photo. The People magazine picture can be seen in the latest issue of the celebrity magazine. Read more about the reunion and see a cool video here.

markpaul gosselaar

Mark Paul Gosselaar

A Saved By The Bell reunion has been talked about for months, but to actually happen seemed so far off.

Jimmy Fallon was one of the instigators and spoke about a possible reunion for the last several months and he even attempted to set up the reunion himself. Fallon was able to land Mark-Paul Gosselaar as a guest on his show and asked the actor to come on his show dressed as Zack Morris.

The Saved By The Bell reunion photo was arranged by People Magazine. The photo shoot involved all of the main cast members, except Dustin Diamond, who was banned from the reunion shoot.

According to Radar Online, Dustin Diamond was banned because he’s about to release a tell-all book about their behind-the-scenes activities on the show.

Click here to see the photo.

markpaul gosselaar1markpaul gosselaar3markpaul gosselaar4
Mark Paul Gosselaar Photos

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