Olof Arnalds: Icelandic Singer Musician

August 3, 2009

Meet Ólöf Arnalds, Icelandic folk singer-songwriter and musician. See photos, video and a biography of rising star in the acoustic music world who has drawn notice in Iceland and elsewhere ever since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album, Við Og Við.

olof arnalds

Ólöf Arnalds (picture above) released the celebrated debut album Við Og Við (the title translates roughly into English as “Now and Then”) in 2007 and has had growing popularity in the Icelandic and Northern European music scene.

She is in the news as she will be touring in the U.S. during the fall, beginning in September. A full list of Ólöf Arnalds tour dates 2009 is here. She is completing her sophomore album which, according to BrooklynVegan, will be titled, Ókídókí, and released in early 2010.

As a biography, Ólöf Arnalds was born in 1980 so her age is 29. She began her musical studies at age six studying violin. At age 16 she began studying singing. She quit music school at age 21 and moved to Berlin, Germany. Upon returning to Iceland, she resumed music studies in composition and new media at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts.

She took a year off from studies during with she went on tour with múm which is an experimental Icelandic musical group. In 2006, she graduated from the school. During the time she was working with Skuli Sverrisson on his record Seria in 2006 she began work on her own songs for her debut album.

The Ólöf Arnalds Við Og Við album was released in 2007 on the 12 Tónar label and received favorable reviews. The album consists of songs performed in the traditional troubadour style; she wrote all but one of the songs on the album. (“Orfeus Og Evridís” is a cover of a song originally recorded by Icelandic rock singer Megas.) Notable standout songs on the album include Klara, a live performance of which you can hear in the video below. Additionally she has collaborated with other music artists who include Stórsveit Nix Noltes, Mugison, and Slowblow.

More Ólöf Arnalds photos and video below.

olof arnaldsolof arnalds

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http://www.flickr.com/photos/flippism/ / CC BY 2.0

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