Aaron Buerge and Angye McIntosh Wedding!

August 3, 2009

Aaron Buerge and Angye McIntosh are set to have a spectacular wedding! The happy couple will marry next weekend. Read more and see pictures and video here.

aaron buerge

Aaron Buerge, The Bachelor (season two), has finally met his dream girl. Aaron and his girlfriend, Angye McIntosh will have the wedding of their dreams next weekend.

It seems Aaron has finally found true love. He was married once before, and also proposed to Helene Eksterowicz for the season finale of The Bachelor back in 2002. However, their relationship didn’t last and Aaron was once again looking for love.

Aaron met Angye, often misspelled Angie, through and ex girlfriend. He says,

“My ex-girlfriend and I thought we would get together for some beers with some other people, and that’s how I met Angye. Long story short, I got mustard on her the first time we met.“

Angye didn’t mind the mustard drip, and after dating for a couple of years, the two are set to marry on August 8, 2009. Buerge has no hesitation, and is looking forward to his wedding day and all of the wonderful things that may follow. He says,

“I’m not getting any younger. At this point, when you’re in your mid-30s, most of the drama of dating has gone away. There’s a lot more maturity in your relationship. I know from my experience what I’m looking for, what makes me happy. I’m not gun-shy. I’m amazingly calm about the whole situation, believe it or not. That’s kind of a good sign.”

Congrats to the happy couple! Let’s see those wedding pictures asap!

Video of Aaron Buerge can be found below.

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One Response to “Aaron Buerge and Angye McIntosh Wedding!”

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    Kristn Lord Says:

    Dear Aaron and Angye,

    I just wanted to say congrats on your marriage. Aaron, I have been fan of yours sense the bachelor. I’ve always thought that you were a great guy despite what the media had to say. I believe that you desirve happiness and I am glad you found it.


    Kristin Lord