Jude Law Baby: Kayleen McAdams, Rachel McAdams Sister

July 30, 2009

Meet Kayleen McAdams, sister of actress Rachel McAdams and rumored baby mama to Jude Law. Read the rest of the story below and check out a biography of Kayleen McAdams, as well as photos and video of famous sister Rachel McAdams.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams, Sister of Kayleen McAdams

Rachel McAdams’ little sister Kayleen McAdams made a big splash all over the internet today as rumors swirled that she was the baby mama of Jude Law’s newest baby. The story was that Kayleen was introduced to Jude around Christmas 2008 by Rachel, who is working with Jude on the new Sherlock Holmes movie. The pair hooked up in New York, and Kayleen is now 7 months preggo and just recently told Jude.

While that is a wonderful story, it’s apparently not true. (Sorry for the tease.) Jude’s mouthpiece says Kayleen isn’t rocking Jude’s baby bump. Sources say the baby mama hookup did happen around Christmas in NYC, and the mystery lady has been cooking her meal ticket for 7 months.

Kayleen McAdams Biography

27 year old Kayleen McAdams is the younger sister of actress Rachel McAdams. Kayleen grew up with Rachel and her younger brother Daniel in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Her father Lance is a truck driver and her mother Sandra is a nurse. She spent three summers working at McDonalds with her siblings.

Coming a long way from the popular fast food chain, Kayleen is now a Hollywood make-up artist. She has worked on the 2007 movie Married Life and the 2008 movie The Lucky Ones, which starred sister Rachel.

Click here to see a photo of Kayleen and her sister Rachel.

More photos and a video of Kayleen McAdams’ sister Rachel McAdams are below.

Rachel McAdams 2Rachel McAdams 3Rachel McAdams 4Rachel McAdams 5Rachel McAdams 6Rachel McAdams 7Rachel McAdams 8
Kayleen McAdams Sister Rachel McAdams Photos

Rachel McAdams Video

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