Teddy Sagi Is Bar Rafaeli’s Boyfriend

July 30, 2009

Is Teddy Sagi Bar Rafaeli’s boyfriend? The two have been spotted together all week. Read more and see photos and video here.

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Teddy Sagi and Bar Rafaeli have been spotted looking cozy all week, sparking rumors of a new romance.

Teddy and Bar were together at a Britney Spears concert in Berlin. And while Teddy may not compare to Leonardo DiCaprio in the looks department, his wallet certainly does.

Teddy Sagi is the founder of Playtech, and has an estimated fortune of $500 million. According to Forbes, he is one of Israel’s top 30 richest men. Playtech, currently worth $1.3 billion, was offered on the New York Stock exchange. He sold 25% of the company for $250 million in cash, and still owns 40% of the company, which now has a market capitalization of $788 million.

His firm Playtech was floated on the London Stock Exchange and is currently worth around $1.3 billion dollars. That puts the estimated $45 million DiCaprio earned last year to shame.

At 34, Sagi is 10 years older than Bar Rafaeli, same as DiCaprio.

Bar and DiCaprio started dating in 2005, but their relationship reportedly ended last month because DiCaprio thought the Bar was getting too serious.

“She wanted to move faster than he did, she wanted to move in together, so he broke it off.”

What do you think of Teddy Sagi as Bar’s boyfriend?

Check out pictures and video below.

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Teddy Sagi Is Bar Rafaeli Boyfriend

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