Karen Grammer Is Kelsey Grammer’s Sister

July 27, 2009

Meet Karen Grammer, the sister of actor Kelsey Grammer who was murdered in 1975. See her biography here.

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Karen Grammer’s killer, Freddie Glenn, was up for parole on July 27, 2009. Although Kelsey Grammer was unable to attend the parole hearing due to severe weather conditions in New York, a letter he had written was read during the hearing instead. As part of his statement, Kelsey wrote,

“Forgiveness allows me to live my life. It allows me to love my children and my wife and the days I have left with them. But I can never escape the horror of what happened to my sister. I can never accept the notion that he can pay for that nightmare with anything less than his life. We all make choices. He made his. Surely a man who has killed so many must never take a single breath as a free man.”

Glenn’s parole was denied, and he will not be eligible again until 2014.

Karen Grammer Biography

As a biography, Karen Grammer was age 18 when she died in 1975. She is the sister of “Frasier” actor, Kelsey Grammer.

On July 1, 1975, Karen went missing. She had been living in Colorado Springs, taking time off from studying at Barry College. She was working at the Red Lobster in town, and after three men unsuccessfully attempted to rob it, they grabbed her on the way out, fearing she would identify them. Later robbing a convenience store, the three men eventually took Karen to Glenn’s apartment, where she was raped repeatedly. Later, the men put her in a car, covered her head, and took her to a mobile home park. But before leaving her, Glenn stabbed her in the throat, back and hand. Karen was found, having bled to death, the next morning. The three men also killed four others in the days surrounding Karen’s murder.

Glenn was originally sentenced to the death penalty. However, Colorado overturned the legality of such punishment two years after his conviction, so that he first became eligible for parole 30 years after his conviction.

Kelsey’s grandfather had passed away not long before Karen’s brutal death, and his father while Kelsey was still a teenager. Such tragedy has been cited by Kelsey as fueling his addiction to drugs and alcohol. He described his sister as “smart and good and decent”.

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