Banned Sprite Commercial: The Making of the Sprite Spec Ad

July 27, 2009

The Sprite spec commercial made quite the splash last week on the internet, and we have some exclusive behind-the-scenes details about the making of the now infamous ad. Read the rest of the story below and check out photos and video of the ad.

sprite spec ad 5

Sprite Spec Ad Girl Stephanie Quinn-West

By now, I’m sure yall have seen the video of the infamous Sprite spec ad. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week and managed to miss it, check it out below.

The story of the video has taken a wild ride – first, everyone thought it was a real commercial made for Sprite Germany, and the original story was it had been banned for being obscene. Then, director Max Issacson made a very plain statement which clearly said in no uncertain terms that the ad was a fake spec ad, and the Coca Cola company had nothing to do with it. Furthermore, it was made in Brooklyn and starred a couple of good ole American 20-somethings, and had nothing to do with Germany.

The two 20-somethings in the spec ad are hottie model/musician John Jones IV and blond cutie Stephanie Quinn-West, both of whom I have been lucky enough to speak with.

Stephanie told me that she had a great time shooting the commercial, and described it as “fun.” Both she and John were well aware from the start that it was a spec ad and was unaffiliated with Sprite and the Coca-Cola company. Stephanie got involved with the shoot while attending a Kings of Leon concert in New York. She said she met up with director Max and a few friends for drinks. He began describing the commercial, and she volunteered for the role. Her costar John, who she did not meet until the day of the shoot, was recruited from an ad he placed on a modeling site looking for work.

The day of the shoot, Max explained the concept to Stephanie and John, including their wardrobe… or lack thereof. They both wore green underwear, and Stephanie had pasties covering her breasts. She says Max and the crew made her feel entirely comfortable, and said the day, which could have been really awkward, ended up being one of the most fun things she’s done in her life.

To get an authentic shot, Stephanie did preform unnatural acts to a banana that John was holding. He told me that he had to work on not getting turned on by the situation – what guy wouldn’t be turned on by a hot almost-naked blond kneeling in front of him, right? The end of the commercial that shows Stephanie blowing a Sprite bottle is real. She said they mixed mentos with Sprite Zero and the force “shot my mouth right off the bottle!”

Both Stephanie and John think people need to lighten up about the ad. They say it was all done in good fun, and think people need to take it the way it was intended. As for the “degrading to women” cries that Stephanie has heard, she thinks that’s ridiculous. She says she’s a big advocate for women’s rights, and believes she should be able to make her own decisions.

More photos and a video of the Sprite spec ad are below.

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Sprite Spec Ad Photos

Sprite Spec Ad Video

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