Britney Spears Candies Commercial Official (Video)

July 23, 2009

The Britney Spears Candies official television commercial is now out! After being announced as the Candies spokesperson in March of 2009, Britney Spears went hard at work to make the ads hot. The question was, how would Britney Spears portray the Candies brand? You be the judge. Check out the commercial here, see photos and video below.

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Candie’s Spokesperson, Britney Spears

The Candies ad featuring Britney Spears was just released today July 23, 2009 and now we get to see the work the pop star has been putting into her spokesperson gig.

Not only have we seen a few of the billboards and magazine ads featuring Spears in a very equestrian-themed series, we now get the big television commercial. Britney is bringing success as the Candie’s spokesgirl.

About being a Candie’s spokesperson, Spears says, “I’m so excited to be the face for Candie’s Only at Kohl’s. Candie’s and Kohl’s are doing such great things with my tour. It’s great to work with a line that has such cool clothes and accessories.”

Check out the official Britney Spears Candie’s ad commercial below!

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears Candies Ad Commercial

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