Sophie Lavers: Miss World Australia 2009

July 23, 2009

Meet Sophie Lavers, Miss World Australia 2009. Read more about her and see photos and video here.

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Sophie Lavers: Miss World Australia 2009

Sophie Lavers was crowned Miss World Australia 2009 last night. The beauty queen beat out 20 other contestants who were seeking the title in the annual Star City Pageant.

Sophie Lavers Biography

As far as a biography on Sophie Lavers, we know she is a 24 year old beauty queen. She is an aspiring actress, and worked as a waitress in Kings Cross. We would like to know more about her measurements, but as you can see from her pictures, she has an amazing figure. In fact, Sophie shot down rumors that she was once a model.

“Some do think that, but I have only ever modeled for charity.”

Sophie Lavers was up against twenty other contestants, ten of which were from New South Wales. The girls were judged in categories such as best talent, healthy body image, and sports and fitness. Ultimately, a panel of judges including Jane Ferguson, Lady Sonia McMahon, and June Dally-Watkins chose her.

Lavers has yet to elect a charity, but on December 12, she will head to Johannesburg to compete with 165 other gorgeous girls for the Miss World Crown. Sophie said;

“I’ve got so much to do. I’ve got so much to get ready. I’ve got to get a month of outfits ready, and get a talent and another speech and everything. Oh goodness!”

What are your thoughts on Sophie Lavers winning Miss World Australia 2009? Check out pictures here and video below.

Miss World Australia Video

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