Britney Spears Converting To Judaism?

July 22, 2009

Is Britney Spears converting to Judaism for her new boyfriend Jason Trawick? Read more and check out photos and video here!

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Britney Spears Converting To Judaism?

Rumors are swirling that Britney Spears is converting to Judaism for her new boyfriend, Jason Trawick.

The pop princess further fueled rumors when she was spotted wearing a Star of David necklace. Rumor has it that she has even enlisted the help of a rabbi to help her study.

A source said: “Britney wants to try the religion Jason was brought up with.”

Britney, who had a Southern Baptist upbringing, has always dabbled in religions. Back in 2005 she tried Kabbalah after Madonna suggested it. She was also rumored to change religions back in 2007 for then-boyfriend Isaac Cohen.

Jason and Britney have denied rumors of an engagement, surely she has far too much going on right now to take on something that huge. But experimenting with religions is definitely something you do when a relationship starts to get serious!

Regardless of whether Britney really is converting to Judaism, she seems happy and that is what is truly important.

Check out more pictures and video below.

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Britney Spears Photos
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Britney Spears Converting To Judaism Video


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4 Responses to “Britney Spears Converting To Judaism?”

  1. 1
    Mistyrieus Gerl Says:

    definitely… :) to her, religion is like changing clothes which can change anytime u like

  2. 2
    Mistyrieus Gerl Says:

    her mind is simply unstable that religion can be ‘tried’ like tasting food !

  3. 3
    Judy Says:

    A: Kaballa is not a religion.
    B: As no Orthodox Rabbi will ever consent to converting her, this “conversion” will be nothing more than a sham

  4. 4
    marisa Says:

    islam is not ultimate! god is ultimate,god is god and should not be referred to with any other title, you believe in gods word and there is not need to say that the name you have for gods ways is the ultimate way, god himself is ultimate! he said that himself, he said ” I am the alpha, the omega , the beginning and the end, no where in there did he say , oh, and you must accept with with the title.”Islam”,
    no where in the holy writings is it written that god and his words of truth carried any other name or denomination, denomanations were created by man,the holy word is created by god,
    why take from his holiness to add man made titles and convictions, we should be serving god and following his word, that itself is only one as well, so why all the names, why not just god and his word, can u get the point? thats the news you should be spreading, its not that difficult, unless it is a cult.