Banned Sprite Ad Video: Sprite Commercial Banned in Germany?

July 21, 2009

A video has gotten out that appears to be a Sprite ad. While there has been some argument whether this ad was real and banned in Germany, or a spec ad created by a company, it has definitely gotten a lot of attention. Read the rest of the story below, and check out the Sprite commercial in question.

We’ve all seen risque ads on television (or on youtube, as many of them come from Europe). Many of them make you think they’re sexual in nature when in fact they’re not. Others seem to push the envelope a bit further and are sexual, but don’t cross that line to inappropriate (haha.. at least not what’s considered inappropriate overseas). This sprite ad, however, seems to go above and beyond anything I’ve personally ever seen.

The commercial is pretty straight forward. There’s a girl that appears naked kneeling on the floor in front of a man who appears naked, and she is obviously giving the guy oral sex. They show his face, and he is obviously having a good time. You then see her face, and she thinks to herself something like “Man, I could really go for a Sprite right now.” Then you see his face again and he’s at that magical point of no return, and the girl gets hit in the face with a bunch of fizzy Sprite. The ad ends with a close up shot at her face, her chin covered in white fizz, and she says “I love Sprite.”

There really is not much you can say about a commercial like this. When it first came out, it was believed that this was a real commercial produced by an advertising company for Sprite in Germany. However, new reports indicate that the ad is not real. Hottie six pack model John Jones IV was the man on the receiving end of the oral pleasure in the commercial, and he said “the funny thing is, it’s a spec commercial—it’s not even real.” Apparently, the ad, directed by Max Isaacson, was produced by Greencard Pictures in Brooklyn, and was not necessarily ever intended to air. Spec ads are usually created to be “in your face” in order to catch the attention of executives. I think this one succeeded in that goal. Model John said that the shocking part of the ad was supposed to be the races of the parties involved, not the actual content of the commercial – “The controversy is it’s the fact that she’s a white girl blowing me and I’m black. That role reversal freaks people out.” Yeah, John, THAT’S the shocking part of this commercial. Not the faceful of Sprite fizz that the girl gets.

UPDATE: Director Max Isaacson has released a statement that says he personally paid for, produced, and directed the ad, and Greencard Pictures and the Coca-Cola company had nothing to do with them.

You can see the full spec ad in the video below. What do yall think? Does it cross a serious line? Or are people just too prudey?

Check out the video of banned Sprite ad below.

Banned Sprite Ad in Germany Video

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3 Responses to “Banned Sprite Ad Video: Sprite Commercial Banned in Germany?”

  1. 1
    reiki650 Says:

    Where were you during the Clinton administration when it came up the first time…for real?

    Censorship offends me!!!

  2. 2
    james Says:

    everybody knows fox news is f_ _ _ _ed up and of course i heard about it from a link they sent out

  3. 3
    Kamilah Groch Says:

    The weblink you sent surely will not seem to work, does anyone have a mirror or backup url source?