Jon Gosselin Kate Major Dinner and Smoke At Accademia di Vino

July 21, 2009

Jon Gosselin was photographed stepping out for dinner and a smoke with Kate Major at Accademia di Vino over the weekend. Read more about Jon and his new Kate, and check out pictures and video here.

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Jon Gosselin and Kate Major were photographed having dinner at Accademia di Vino and taking a smoke break this weekend. And all this time we thought Kate was fame crazed. Jon just has a line up of girls waiting to spend time with him doesn’t he?

Kate Major is a Star magazine reporter and according to the New York Daily News, Major believes that she and Jon are becoming more than friends. One source says, “Kate has a tendency to blur the lines between ‘work’ and ‘friendship. This isn’t the first time she’s gotten close to someone she’s reporting on.”

Another source adds, “Kate was sent to Jon’s Pennsylvania home on Thursday to report for her magazine, which is when she and Jon set up the Saturday meeting [while he was in town to do promos for his show with his soon-to-be ex-wife and kids]. If it was simply a work thing, couldn’t they have just spoken on the phone or met for coffee? Meeting a subject for dinner — on a Saturday night, no less — is a pretty bold move.”

Apparently reps for both Gosselin and Star (for Kate Major) did not respond to calls and when Major was contacted she declined to comment and simply said,

“There was no date. Jon and I are just friends.”

Regardless she works for Star. Jon wouldn’t mix business with pleasure would he? What are your thoughts on Jon having dinner with Kate Major at Accademia di Vino?

Personally, I am tired of seeing him run around all over the world with different women. It wasn’t so long ago he was a stay at home family man with 8 kids.

More pictures and video can be found below.

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Kate Pictures

Jon Gosselin Video

Pictures: PR Photos

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15 Responses to “Jon Gosselin Kate Major Dinner and Smoke At Accademia di Vino”

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  1. 1
    Mary Patrice Says:

    I loved the show of Jon & Kate plus 8, BUT…I am so tired of hearing about Jon and his women now. I wish people and the media would focus on what this is doing and going to do to those 8 children. You know they are going to have severe problems coming from this. I just hope that after a few weeks of sewing his wild oats he will see all his fun is really HURTING those children.

  2. 2
    SANDRA Says:

    I am sick of hearing about him. He is not all he thinks he is and the media has made him all he thinks he is. Please, enough is enough. Move on already.

  3. 3
    RCM Says:

    Kate is a b***h, if I were Jon I’d look for some strange too.

    All Kate ever did was dig for gold. She was a slave driver and everyone better do what she said or else!!!!

  4. 4
    maca Says:

    This guy makes me sick. Him and his fake hair. I never liked him the few times I watched a minute of that show, now I like him even less for being an even bigger douche than before. Good riddance Kate! who wants to be with such a slime ball????

  5. 5
    lee Says:

    I feel Kate brought down this family . She constantly belittled her husband for all the world to see. He no doubt had to feel embarrassed and humilated. How could anyone endure this day in and day out much less thrive. It pained me to watch her do this. I stopped watching the show last year. I feel bad for all those children. Their parents need to stop exploiting them. Jon needs to be more discreet with his new life. However, he no doubt feels like a bird released from a cage after years of her need to control everything, anger issues and verbal abuse. His behavior is typical and understandable.

  6. 6
    Racemaster Says:

    C’mon, people! Get a life. surely there is better news to follow than this crap! The more you pay attention the more both Jon and kate make. I wonder if the kids will get a share.Or, does anyone give a s—?

  7. 7
    Kathy Says:

    Has no one realized the real importance of this situation? These two people , Jon and Kate who once attended Church, and wore T Shirts with the scripture Isaiah 40:31 are now
    living the scripture ” The Love of Money is the ROOT of all EVIL.” When Kate treated Jon worse than any of her children, and Jon explained on Camera in the parking lot of the toy store Remember???? That was the start of the downfall. They profess to be Christians, yet Kate is not the “Heart of the home”, and both are being led not by the spirit, but by the lure of being extremely over paid. For What?? For doing what millions of parents do, raise a family. How many large families live in a huge mini mansion, get all the “perks” just because SHE chose to have more children.
    I blame TLC Television. Stop running this show. Plain and simple. No more re-runs or new-runs. They have more than 50 families will see in their lifetime. Stop this insanity. There are 8 little lives being corrupted by “Getting everything their little hearts desire”. There are children whose parents are facing foreclosure, job loss, standing in food pantry lines, and then these little innocent “EIGHT”, do not know the meaning of the word NO! Or, “We can’t afford this”. This family needs prayer, not more more more. How can Kate write
    books on family. When did we decide she is an expert? Do I condone Jon’s new lifestyle? NO!
    Did Kate try to change, and get counseling?
    NO! Is this impending divorce a surprise? NO!
    Stop taking Kate’s side like she is a helpless wounded victim. I saw her on Rachael Ray show,and Kate said, “If people don’t like the way I am, then don’t watch”. WOW! So, to all the viewers who think her attitude is acceptable. I have to ask, WHY? Enough is Enough. I stopped watching over two years ago.
    I am a Christian, and to hear her acidic tone aimed at anyone and everyone was more than I could handle. Kate and Jon need to rededicate their lives to the Lord. They both need extensive counseling. No cameras in the house, No sports cars, No appealing to whom ever is listening for whatever they want like a tele-evangelist. Be a family. Take care of the family, as God instructs. TLC should be ashamed. They will answer to God for “Smiting these children”. Pull the plug on this show.
    Pray for this family.

  8. 8
    mothersruin Says:

    i’ve never watched the show and couldn’t care less. i’ll bet those kids are not even his.

  9. 9
    Tonya Says:

    People need to stop judging this family nobody is perfect we all have flaws. It never ceases to amaze me how people who claim to be christians are SO judgemental. Although we were invited into these people’s lives doesn’t mean we know the ins and outs of their relationship. Jon at this moment is trying to be young. He feels like he’s missed out on something but will later realize that everything he needed was right in front of his eyes–his wife and kids. It’s easy to walk away but its harder to stay and put in the work it takes to make a marriage work.

  10. 10
    c holder Says:

    this is ridic; why would you date someone with the same name of your ex-wife? short memory I guess.

    get real, this guy is a joke, seems to me like she is home taking care of the kids and he is out playing the field. what about the kids, yep maybe she didn’t treat him well but try therapy first instead of ruining 8 kids lives.

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