Terrell Owens Reality Show: T.O. TV Show

July 20, 2009

Everyone’s favorite NFL personality Terrell Owens is starring in his own reality television show on VH1. The first episode premiered tonight and can be seen on Mondays on the music/celebreality network.

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens

It’s “The T.O. Show”, and it’s sure to be VH1’s latest reality show success. But mostly, it’s T.O.’s attempt to show us the other side of the athlete – he’s more than just a showboating, over-the-top football player who occasionally sneaks Sharpies onto the field for autographs. His friend and publicist relates,

“He’s human. He has feelings. He has a life story. There are all these layers that you don’t understand, and all you see is this crazy body with phenomenal athletic abilities and this character.”

Owens said it’s Terrell that you’ll see on this show, not the T.O. we are more familiar with. “It’s pretty much to the ‘T’ of how I am.”

In March of this year, T.O. signed a one-year, $6.5 million deal with the Buffalo Bills, and he is set to report for training camp Saturday, July 25, 2009. But there are concerns that the celebrity that is Owens will overshadow the hopes of the remodeled football team. Only time will tell, but training camp looks to be an entertaining one at least.

“The T.O. Show” is scheduled to air for eight weeks. That should take us right up to opening day, when the Bills head to New England to play the Patriots.

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Terrell Owens Video – “The T.O. Show”

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