Jeffrey Donovan, Burn Notice Actor DUI

July 20, 2009

Meet Jeffrey Donovan, the Burn Notice actor who was just arrested on DUI charges. Read the rest of the story and check out a biography, photos and video of Jeffrey Donovan below.


Jeffrey Donovan Mug Shot

Actor Jeffrey Donovan was down in Miami last week and seemed to have more fun than he was legally allowed to. I have to say, this is one of the best DUI stories I’ve heard in a while (just behind Charles Barkley’s story of rolling through a stop sign drunk so he could get some head).

Apparently Jeffrey was caught because he almost hit a cop car. The officer was sitting in his car and heard the screech of Jeffrey’s tires as he swerved to avoid hitting the cruiser. Wait – it gets better. When the cop got out of his car to investigate, Jeffrey said “Sorry, I didn’t see the red light or your stopped car.” NICE. Apparently Jeffrey reeked of booze when he rolled down the window to talk to the po, and he reported having three drinks at the Fontainebleau hotel.

Jeffrey went on to fail the field sobriety test and was hauled off to the clink. While he was being taken in, he said:

“The only mistake I made tonight was drinking Benadryl with 3 glasses of wine. I really think I’m only borderline and not too drunk.”

Yes, because all borderline people who do the one-eyed squint to get home totally don’t see red lights and stopped cop cars. Jeffrey faces up to six months in jail if convicted on this one DUI count.

Jeffrey Donovan Biography

Jeffrey Donovan was born on May 11, 1968 in Amesbury, Massachusetts. When he speaks of his childhood, he says he and his two brothers, raised by a single mom, grew up poor and on welfare and moved about 10 times (sad!). The 41 year old started studying at Bridgewater State College before transferring to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he graduated. He then went on to earn a Masters of Fine Arts from New York University.

Jeffrey Donovan currently lives in a rural area of California and overlooks the 11,000-acre Topanga State Park. He is dedicated to “going green,” and is working on converting his home entirely to solar power. He also lives large and rolls around in a hybrid Toyota Camry.

Jeffrey Donovan has worked in film, television, and theatre during his career. He’s been in stage productions of Hamlet, Toys in the Attic, and Oedipus, to name a few. On the big screen, he’s appeared in Hitch with Will Smith, Come Early Morning with Ashley Judd, and Changeling with Angelina Jolie. Additionally, he’s been on numerous television programs. He’s had guest roles on Homicide: Life on the Street, Spin City, Monk, CSI: Miami, and Law & Order. He can currently been seen starring on the USA Network drama Burn Notice.

More photos and a video of Jeffrey Donovan are below.

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Jeffrey Donovan Photos

Jeffrey Donovan Video


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