Trace Cyrus And Demi Lovato Dating According to Twitter?

July 20, 2009

The rumors are swirling now that Miley Cyrus’ older brother Trace Cyrus and pop tart Demi Lovato are dating. Apparently the alleged romance was first publicly assumed via Twitter. Read more about their rumored romance, Demi Lovato’s Twitter page she uses to communicate such information, and see photos and video here.

trace cyrus

Trace Cyrus, Demi Lovato Boyfriend?

Trace Cyrus and Demi Lovato may have been busy touring, but the two youngsters managed to make a meet up with each other reality.

According to a source, the pair have been “hanging out every day,” in their hometown of Los Angeles. Apparently the couple saw Transformers at Universal CityWalk, and sources add, “They have been watching a lot of movies at his house as well.”

But with both of their busy schedules, Trace had to leave for England. The good news is that Twitter keeps Demi and Trace connected. Trace tweets to Demi, “You already know your becoming the lyrics to my songs.”

Demi tweets, “We can just pretend that were together right now…. I miss you already.”

Awww, young love. So are Trace Cyrus and Demi Lovato dating? We haven’t gotten “official” word from either reps but we are assuming. Keep watching Demi Lovato Twitter for romance updates.

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Trace Cyrus Photos

Trace Cyrus Video

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12 Responses to “Trace Cyrus And Demi Lovato Dating According to Twitter?”

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  1. 1
    Sydney Says:

    Oh My God does she see alll the tatoos that he has Oh My GOd

  2. 2
    Sydney Says:

    They Do Not Make a cute COUPLE of LOVEBIDS!!!!!!!

  3. 3
    Kaitlin Says:

    i think they just broke up the other day or yesterday i believe cause Trace went back to his old girlfriend Hannah beth

  4. 4
    carly Says:

    trace is not demi’s type.

  5. 5
    ayunda Says:

    trace……..Oh NO…

  6. 6
    ayunda Says:

    Demi…..please see it…I agree with carly says….trace is not Demi’s TYPE

  7. 7
    omggg! Says:

    wow trace don’t put yourself through that. she is a big attention whore who is probly only flirting with you cuz she knows it will stir attention from everyone. He is so much better that tnat…. DON’T DO IT!

  8. 8
    ayunda Says:

    please……………stay away for him..listen your fans please!!!!!! demi we love you so much…

  9. 9
    lanes Says:

    there just having fun teens will be teens..
    that ring says true love waits i hope
    she sticks to it..

  10. 10
    karla Says:

    Demi plz listen to your fans u kan do much better than dat. he is si no yo type. We all luv u.

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