Kevin Jonas Best Man Battle

July 20, 2009

Now that Kevin Jonas is getting ready to tie the knot, who will serve as Kevin Jonasbest man? While many believe Nick Jonas may take on the duty, Joe Jonas believes he should be the best man! Read more about the best man battle here, see photos and video here.

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Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas Best Man?

There has not been a date set for Kevin Jonas and his fiancee Danielle Deleasa but the best man battle has begun. In a recent interview Joe Jonas states his desire to be Kevin’s best man.

Joe says “I want it. I’ll be the best man ever.” Joe did make it known that even though other brothers Nick and Frankie have an opportunity to be Kevin’s best man, there is no real battle over who will take on the best man role.

Joe continues, “Eventually if I get married, [the best man] gonna be Nick, and when it’s Nick, [the best man] gonna be Frankie.” So, apparently Kevin gets the shaft in not being anybody’s best man. I suppose that is what you get for taking a trip to the alter first!

In closing, for the battle of being Kevin’s best man, may the best man win.

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