Barbara Lavandeira Is Perez Hilton’s Sister

July 19, 2009

Meet Barbara Lavandeira, Perez Hilton’s sister and ghostwriter. Read more about her and see a photo and video here.

barbara lavanderia

Barbara Lavandeira

This issue of Barbara Lavandeira writing for came up when Perez was sued for violating a legal settlement that prevented him from mentioning Jonathan Lewandowski (Jonathan Jaxson), on his blog. Jaxson is a fellow blogger, who allegedly gave Perez sex tapes, in exchange for promoting Jaxson’s blog.

It turns out that Barbara wrote about Lewandowski in a post on Feb. 3. A lawsuit was filed last Wednesday in LA in regards to the violation. Perez had his lawyer write a letter to Lewandowski’s counsel stating that Hilton’s sister, Barbara Lavandeira wrote the post.

Hilton has never admitted to having a ghost-writer, but he has hinted that he has help from his family. He said he works on the site with his “sister, who’s my assistant and helps a little bit.” Guanabee reports that Hilton has had other ghostwriters dating back to 2006.

As far as biography information on Barbara Lavandeira, we know she was born on June 14, 1984 making her age 25. She studied business management and computers while attending college at the University of Miami.

Barbara lives in California, near her brother and works as an assistant and ghost-writer for

Check out a picture and video of Barbara Lavandeira below.

barbara lavanderia
Barbara Lavandeira Photo
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2 Responses to “Barbara Lavandeira Is Perez Hilton’s Sister”

  1. 1
    Damon Says:

    Jesus Christ! That is HILARIOUS! She looks just like his, which is..well…tragic and funny at the same time!

  2. 2
    maura Says:

    Its sad how ppl talk bs about other ppl so they can feel better about themselves. Especialy wen its a confused gay guy and a freak with glasses. Sad sad. -Mc