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July 17, 2009

Meet Taleon Goffney who just pleaded guilty to burglary charges, which he committed with his identical twin brother. Read the rest of the story below, and see a biography, photos, and video of Taleon Goffney.

Taleon Goffney

Twins Keyontyli Goffney and Taleon Goffney

Taleon Goffney has gotten himself into a bit of trouble with the law. Along with his identical twin brother, Keyontyli Goffney, he allegedly used a hacksaw and ax to break into two different businesses for the purpose of robbing them.

Taleon pleaded guilty in court to two counts each of burglary and criminal conspiracy under a deal between his attorney, Michael F. Gushue, and Assistant District Attorney Caroline Keating. As part of this deal, he implicated his brother in the robberies. He apparently used the hacksaw and ax to cut through the rooftop of area businesses while his brother served as a look out. He was sentenced to three to eight years in prison, and officials say he will serve at least the minimum due to a prior record. Taleon’s lawyer says he plans to finish his college degree while in prison.

By entering the plea, charges including criminal trespass, receiving stolen property and possession of an instrument of crime were dropped. Taleon could have faced up to 40 years in prison if convicted on these additional charges.

Keyontyli faces charges of his own on August 6, 2009.

Taleon Goffney Biography

Born in 1983, 25 year old Pennsauken, N.J resident Taleon Goffney and his identical twin brother Keyontyli acted in adult movies together under the names Teyon and Keyon. One of the films they acted in together was “Marc and the Twins,” where they met a star at a sketchy motel to audition for a movie.

Erik Schut, of Philadelphia-based video retailer TLA Entertainment Group, said Taleon and his brother had a promising future in the industry. “They are incredibly good-looking, and being identical twins, it’s a novelty.”

Aside from the burglaries he just pleaded guilty to, Taleon Goffney and his brother Keyontyli are suspected to have committed dozens of others in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. He has previous arrests in Alabama, Florida, and New Jersey.

Police believe Taleon is a trained gymnast and karate expert, skills which he has used to escape officers in the past. Apparently while handcuffed in the back of a moving police car following an arrest on drug charges in 2006, he used his head to bust out a window and he jumped from the car into a lake. He then managed to swim away (while handcuffed!) from the cops, taunting them while doing so. He turned himself in a week later. In January 2007, he jumped 30 feet from the roof of a liquor store in Camden, NJ, and swam across a cold river in an attempt to evade police.

A video of Taleon Goffney is below.

Taleon Goffney Video

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