Marie Douglas-David is George David’s Wife: $99 Million Divorce

July 17, 2009

Countess Marie Douglas-David is the wife of George Davis. The two are going through a bitter divorce, and fighting over millions of dollars. Read more here and check out pictures and video as well.


$99 Million Divorce

Marie Douglas-David and her husband of seven years are going through one heck of a bitter divorce. Despite their postnuptial agreement, which is valued around $43 million and includes UTC stock, Marie is fighting for $99 million – about one-third of her husband’s $329 million in assets.

George David, 67, is one of the world’s biggest military contractors, and Marie Douglas-David is hoping to show the Connecticut divorce judge that she helped her husband’s assets grow.

Marie Douglas-David was hoping to obtain the $45 million from their postnuptial agreement , but also an additional $54 million which would cover her weekly living expenses of $53,000. She was also hoping to get their $16 million penthouse in Stockholm, and $1.5 million, 19th-century, diamond drop ear rings.

According to reports, it seems Douglas-David will get far less than she expected. Instead she will get around $55 million, about ten million more than their postnuptial cited.

As far as a biography of Countess Marie Douglas-David we know she is 37 years old, with long blond hair and a perfect Swedish body. We could not find any pictures of Marie Douglas-David that we could post on the site but a full photo gallery can be found with a simple search.

Before marrying back in 2002, she was a Wall Street analyst making about $400,000 a year. Upon marrying, she quit her job to travel with her husband. She is now famous for demanding a $99 million divorce.

Check out pictures of Marie Douglas-David here. Video can be found below.

Marie Douglas-David Video

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