Heather Zeo: Pennsylvania Teacher Sex Scandal

July 17, 2009

Meet Heather Lynne Zeo, the Pennsylvania teacher arrested on allegations of having sex with a student. Read the rest of the story below, and see a biography, photos, and video of Heather Zeo.

heather lynne zeo

Heather Lynne Zeo is facing allegations of sexual misconduct

Heather Lynne Zeo, a math and homeroom teacher at North Penn High School, has been arrested on allegations of a sexual relationship with an under aged student. What makes this story even juicier? There is a second teenager who claims Heather was inappropriate with him as well – scandaloso!

The allegations in question involve a 17 year old boy. He took the stand in a preliminary trial and stated that Heather, his homeroom teacher, seduced him through flirtatious facebook conversations. He stated Mrs. Zeo instructed him how to delete these conversations so there would be no evidence of the flirtation. Eventually the flirty talk moved to the next level, and the boy states they had sex in Heather’s minivan in a Montgomery Township parking lot.

The relationship, which started out as a normal student-teacher one, changed in late April/early May 2009 when Heather added him as a friend on facebook. The boy said that they began talking as friends, and their relationship quickly turned into a “sexual affair.” He said:

“It started by I had a dream and I asked her if she wanted to know about the dream. I told her the dream had sexual detail and asked if she was sure. She said yes and that’s where it began.”

He alleges that they met in a parking lot and fooled around in her minivan twice. The first time, he reports that they kissed and fondled each other. During their second parking lot rendezvous, he states she brought out four condoms and gave him one. He also states that they met during school hours in her classroom to kiss and caress each other.

Another 17 year old boy has alleged that Heather used facebook to seduce him with flirty conversations as well. That relationship reportedly progressed to kissing and caressing in her classroom during school hours. (I’ve gotta say – if this is true, that’s pretty ballsy. Scandalous behavior right in your class room? WOW.)

Heather will stand trial in September on a third-degree felony count of endangering the welfare of a child and four misdemeanor counts of corruption of minors. Assistant District Attorney Kate McGill said they have recently become aware of a possible tampering with evidence charge in relation to the testimony of a victim that they will be looking into as prosecutors move towards trial.

If convicted, Zeo faces up to seven years in prison or a $15,000 fine for the endangerment charge, and up to five years in prison or a $10,000 fine for each corruption charge. McGill says they will be seeking jail time in this case. The school Heather works for has suspended her pending the outcome of this trial.

Heather Lynne Zeo Biography

Born in 1973, Heather Lynne Zeo is a 36 year old married mother of three. According to her myspace page, she is from Warrington, PA, and she teaches math and homeroom at North Penn High School. She is also an aspiring gospel singer and has a website with samples of her music. Her personal biography on her myspace page says:

As a songwriter, I am constantly writing. Although I only perform my spiritual and math related songs, I write custom songs of any type! Every emotion, every feeling, every desire can be expressed through a song!! As a realist, I gave up a music scholarship in college, for something more secure….Math! I am a certified high school math teacher. It was the right thing to do at the time…but later, as the music doors opened, returning to music was unavoidable. As a Christian, I love my faith and all people! Teenagers and women’s groups are a large part of my passion, but my God and my family direct my world!! I take the time to say what I feel EVERY day… Just in case tomorrow shouldn’t come!! Today is Always about LOVE!! “Light as a Feather” under the name Heather Lynne (my stage name) and “Musically Math” under the name Heather Lynne Zeo (my math teacher name :-))are the two albums currently available. If you have an interest in either please e-mail a request. Thanks!! And Do Something Great For God Today!! Love Always, Heather Lynne

A video of Heather Lynne Zeo are below.

Heather Lynn Zeo Video

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One Response to “Heather Zeo: Pennsylvania Teacher Sex Scandal”

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    KiKi Says:

    She was my homeroom teacher, I never expected her to do such a thing. Although she was always very “friendly” with the students, she always seemed very religious. Ashame, it had to come to this. Mrs. Zeo was so nice and sweet one of the coolest teachers. But I guess she was too cool.