Maria Del Carmen Bousada: Oldest Mother in the World

July 15, 2009

Meet Maria Del Carmen Bousada, the woman who recently made headlines by becoming the oldest new mother in the world after giving birth to twins at the age of 66. She has died at the age of 69, orphaning her young toddlers. Read the rest of the story and a biography of Maria Del Carmen Bousada, and see video of her below.

Maria Del Carmen Bousada made headlines in 2006 when she became what is believed to be the world’s oldest new mom at the age of 66. Sadly, on July 11, 2009, she reportedly passed away from cancer. Maria was a single mom and has orphaned her two young sons, Pau and Christian.

Maria Del Carmen Bousada Biography

Born in 1940, Maria Del Carmen Bousada lived in Cadiz, a southern province in Spain, her entire life. She never married and lived with her mother until her death in 2005. After her mother’s death, Maria began looking into fertility options to start a family of her own. She approached the Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles, California in 2006 to pursue in vitro fertilization. She was 66 at the time, but reportedly told the clinic that she was 55 years old. She stated that her mother lived to be 101 years old, so she believed she would live a long and healthy life and would be able to raise and provide for these children. In December 2006, she gave birth as a single mom to twin boys, Pau and Christian, just before turning 67. In January 2007, she told British tabloid News of the World in an interview that she had sold her house for $59,000 to help fund the in vitro.

There is no word on who will now look after Maria’s orphaned toddlers, although Maria had previously said that she would look for a younger man to help her. She is survived by her brother, Ricardo Bousada. He reportedly sold the story of her death to a local television program to help raise money for the twins. While he is refusing to say how she died, reports indicate that she had been diagnosed with a tumor shortly after the birth of her twins, and she lost her battle with cancer on July 11.

Click here to see photos of Maria Del Carmen Bousada and her twin baby boys.

A video of Maria Del Carmen Bousada, world’s oldest mother, is below.

Maria del Carmen Bousada Video

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