Dash Snow Dead At 27

July 14, 2009

Meet Dash Snow, the up and coming New York artist who was found dead in a Manhattan hotel on Monday. See his biography, photos and video here.

Dash Snow

Dash Snow

Dash Snow was found at the Lafayette House on July 13, 2009, having died from a drug overdose. His grandmother, Christophe de Menil, an art collector and philanthropist, confirmed the news. Dash had struggled with drug use for some time, having recently left rehab in March 2009. His grandmother said he had stopped using until very recently.

Dash Snow Biography

As a biography, Dash Snow was born in 1981 in New York, so his age was 27. He was born into one of the great American art families, the De Menils, who are known for their vast art collection and support of the arts. Dash, who seems to keep his distance from the family name, worked mainly in video and photography, but he became known for his distinctive collages. His work has been displayed worldwide at a variety of galleries. At 13, he went to juvenile detention and lived on his own from that point forward. Dash was married to a woman named Agathe, who needed papers to stay in the country, but with whom Dash was also in love. Dash is also survived by his two-year-old daughter, Secret Magic Nico Snow, whose mother is model Jade Berreau.

In 2007, Dash was featured in New York magazine’s article entitled “Chasing Dash Snow”, which detailed his rise into the art world. Starting as a graffiti artist, that’s where he picked up his paranoia, according to friends. Photographer Ryan McGinley explains,

“I actually don’t like graffiti. I was just interested in the person that would write their name thousands and thousands and thousands of times. These kids that would go up on a rooftop, 40 stories up, and go out on a ledge to write their name—it’s just, like, the insanity of it all! It’s funny to me that Dash has become like a rock star, but he’s so paranoid. That comes from graffiti culture—like, you want everybody to know who you are and you’re going to write your name all over the city, but you can’t let anyone know who you really are. It’s, like, this idea of being notorious.”

It appears Dash has always been unpredictable. In fact, McGinley kept a catalog of his work while he was alive, stating “you never know what’s going to happen with Dash.”

Dash will surely be missed. His art was provocative and subversive, and displayed a little bit of that mad genius that most great artists have. Dash regularly took shots at authority in his work. In a series entitled “F— the police”, he spread his own bodily fluids on newspaper clippings detailing incidents of police brutality and corruption.

Dash’s brother, Max, once dated Mary-Kate Olsen.

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Dash Snow Photos

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Dash Snow Video

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