Ryan Ross Cocaine Picture Explanation

July 14, 2009

Last week, there was a photo floating around of ex-Panic! at the Disco frontman Ryan Ross with girls surrounding him, alcohol in front of him and a bowl of what appears to be cocaine. The Ryan Ross cocaine picture has caused quite the controversy but now Ross explains. Read more, see photos and video here.

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Ryan Ross

About the Panic At The Disco split, Ross explains, “I’m usually the bad guy. That’s how it always seems to be. I’ve tried not to read a lot of the comments our fans have been making about this, because I really hope they don’t think it was me who caused the split. We were all just going in different directions, musically. That’s it.”

Many fans were accusing the star of using the photo as a hype for his upcoming project after separating from Panic At The Disco. He clears the air on that saying, “I planned the whole thing! No, [the photo was taken] a couple of weeks ago — I do remember, believe it or not. I’m not gonna tell you whose house it was at, but yeah, there was a party the night before, and I slept on the couch, and we took a picture. I didn’t even really know [the cocaine] was there.”

And the alleged underage girls in the photo? “Oh, I definitely [know them] — it’s my friend Zee and a couple of her friends. And actually, they’re all older than me,” he laughed. “I think one of the girls put the picture on her Facebook, and was like, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t even know it was on the table,’ and then I don’t know what happened. But I think they got in more trouble than I did.”

So whether you believe Ross or not in regards to the Ryan Ross cocaine picture, that is his side of the story. Take it or leave it.

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Ryan Ross Photos

Ryan Ross Video

Photos: Chris Conner www.wenn.com

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2 Responses to “Ryan Ross Cocaine Picture Explanation”

  1. 1
    Mishelle666 Says:

    Okay, well firstly, Ryan’s what? Twenty-something? He’s big boy. And entitled to his own mistakes. And as long and he sets his butt back in line there aren’t any long term effects. And Ryan doesn’t have any previous history of using cocaine and the picure didn’t actually show him using it so how do we know he did? There are millions of parties where cocaine is present but that doesn’t mean that EVERYONE uses it. So maybe Ryan didn’t. And about the girls, I know a 9th grader who looks like he’s in 4th grade. So unless you have the girls’ birth cirtificates then you can’t be so sure of their age. This is my strong, personal opinion about the matter and in no way do I intend to offend anyone.

  2. 2
    kerkk Says:

    I agree with Mishelle666, it isn’t fair to take a picture and blow it up like that, it’s ridiculous, and honestly it seems as if the only reason that this is being sensationalised so much is cause of the PATD split.. and yeah everyone’s pissed about that but there’s no reason to put everything on him…