Eridania Rodriguez: NYC Cleaning Woman Body Found

July 13, 2009

Eridania Rodriguez is a NYC cleaning woman who mysteriously went missing while at work. Her body was discovered in the air conditioning duct at her job on Saturday. Read more here.

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Eridania Rodriguez NYC Cleaning Woman

Eridania Rodriguez is a missing NYC cleaning woman. She disappeared mysteriously from her job at a lower Manhattan high rise. She was last seen punching in around 5 pm and then talking with a fellow employee around 7 pm. Her belongings were still in her locker and she did not meet up with co-workers to catch her regular subway ride home.

Eridania’s cleaning cart was found abandoned on the eighth floor, in an area that was recently vacated by the city’s transportation department. Security cameras did not record her leaving the building, and it was suspected she was murdered and dumped in the trash.

Authorities expanded the search for missing Eridania Rodriguez to the Pennsylvania landfill where the building’s trash is taken, as they feared her body would turn up there.

However on Saturday, her body was found in the air conditioning duct on the 12th floor. According to police, her head was wrapped like a mummy in heavy-duty yellow and black construction tape, and her hands and legs had also been bound with tape before being shoved into the air-conditioning duct.

So sad. Our thoughts go out to Eridania Rodriguez’s family and friends. It is horrible to think you can’t even go to work and be safe. Watch video of Eridania below.

Eridania Rodriguez Video

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One Response to “Eridania Rodriguez: NYC Cleaning Woman Body Found”

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    euvances Says:

    i have not been following this story.but how did they know she was dead? and put in a landfill? so sad.another life gone.