Drop Dead Diva

July 12, 2009

The new Lifetime show Drop Dead Diva starring Brooke Elliott and Brooke D’Orsay is set to be a successful TV show. Red more about it here and check out video.

Margaret Cho

Drop Dead Diva Star

Drop Dead Diva, a new Lifetime TV show is off to a good start. The show starring Brooke Elliott and Brooke D’Orsay, is about a dull blonde model named Deb, who dies in a car accident and returns in the body of a smart, plus-size attorney, Jane. At first, Deb is horrified at her new body, but finds the meaning of inner beauty working to juggle all her legal cases, aided by her assistant played by Margaret Cho. D’Orsay plays Jane in several flashbacks and “remembers who she was and discovers who she is.”

Josh Berman, who also created CSI and Bones, calls it a “life-affirming” dramedy. He says, “beauty has been defined as size 2 and under 25; hopefully we can help redefine the paradigm.”

Drop Dead Diva is a 13-episode series and started July 12, 2009. Check out a video preview below.

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Drop Dead Diva Video

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2 Responses to “Drop Dead Diva”

  1. 1
    cjniya Says:

    I thought that one day Deb, or she should be called Jane now, would reunion with Kent. But the writer Drop Dead Diva did not think so, may be it is not a romantic story but a reality tragedy. Both Jane and Kent find the new mates now, what will their future be? In this play, the love is no longer the forever and ever thing. The love between Stacy and Fred is the same. Their love is not the diamond that would not change forever—- but in my opinion, it should at least be the rubber wristbands, it is not luxury but it should not be broken so quickly.
    I think the writer for this play is trying to tell us the essence of love in the reality. For the adults, the perfect love in the fairy tales could not exist in the reality. The love between Deb and Kent could be regarded as the one in the fairy tales—- the prince has the promised future and the princess is glorious. They fell in love with each other at the first sight. But actually it could not be true in the reality. Could you believe that Kent could explain his case to Deb and she could understand it? If Deb did not die at the traffic accident, they might break up later. It is the story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
    Then let’s look at the relationship between Stacy and Fred, how could a poor guy manage to date with an empty model? Yes, Stacy did kiss Fred, but I consider that kiss should be due to the passion but not the true love. You know Stacy’s life: luxury, glorious and expensive. Maybe they will date in the small restaurant for several times and it could be fresh to Stacy, but will she get used to it? Maybe when they finally break up, she will forget him completely. Maybe we should change the name Drop Dead Diva into Drop Love Stories.

  2. 2
    Zinaha Minnigan Says:

    Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmm she UGLY AS HELL