Trey Lorenz: Singer Songwriter

July 7, 2009

Trey Lorenz is a singer and songwriter who performed with Mariah Carey today for the Michael Jackson memorial service at the Staples Center. Read more and see his video here.

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Trey Lorenz has been most widely known for his work with Mariah Carey, whom he collaborated with numerous times. His warm voice can be most recognized from his duet of I’ll Be There with Mariah for MTV unplugged, which he performed today at Michael Jackson’s memorial service. Following his performance at the Michael Jackson memorial searches for his wikipedia page have flooded the net.

Trey Lorenz Biography

Trey Lorenz, full name Lloyd Lorenz Smith, was born in 1969 in Florence, South Carolina. Lorenz is an alumnus of Wilson High School.

His vocal career began when he started work on a tour with Mariah Carey. He then worked as a background vocalist for her hit album Emotions. Soon after that he did a very popular duet with Mariah, as mentioned above. That performance became a number one single in the United States that year.

Following the success of his work on MTV Unplugged with Mariah Carey, Trey Lorenz was offered a deal to work on a record of his own. His first single is called “Someone to Hold.” That track was done in collaboration with Mariah Carey, and it even made it into the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 Singles.

Unfortunately, his album didn’t sell too well and the record company was forced to drop him. Lorenz then went back to work with Mariah, and even sang with her on The Adventures of Mimi tour. He was able to perform several solos on that tour while Mariah changed backstage. You know the diva had a zillion costume changes, all of which were fab! I personally saw his performance in Tampa, and thought it was wonderful! It was nice to see him preform with Mariah again during Michael Jackson’s memorial.

Check out the video of Trey Lorenz’s performance below.

Trey Lorenz Video

Trey Lorenz Video


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