Francesca Allured: Jack Tweed Model Friend

July 2, 2009

Francesca Allured is Jack Tweed’s model friend who is helping Jack get through this tough time in his life. Read more and see a Francesca Allured picture along with video here.

Francesca Allured

Francesca Allured
2nd from left

Francesca Allured is a super hot model and friend of Jack Tweed. Rumors are flying that the two are more than friends, but Francesca insists that she and Jack are just friends.

“I’ve know Jack for years. He’s one of my brother’s mates and we all hang out. It’s no more than that.”

Francesca Allured and Jack have grown close after the loss of Jack’s wife Jade, and Jack has reportedly told friends that “she’s revived his zest for life.” But their friendship has been kept secret, out of respect for Jade’s passing. However in their recent weeks, they have not been so reluctant to be seen in public and were even photographed together last week at the Royal Ascot. You can see that picture here.

A friend of Jack and Francesca, told the Daily Mail: “They look really happy in each other’s company. They’ve been very close friends now since before Jade died but have been very careful not to be seen together for fear of people whispering behind their backs. But now they feel that showing their friendship is the correct and proper thing to do.”

According to reports, Francesca Allured gave Jack the emotional support he needed after his wife Jade, 27, died. A source close to Francesca and Jack said,

“They are incredibly close and have been for a while.” However Jack is not ready for a relationship so soon after Jade’s passing.

What do you think of Francesca Allured and Jack Tweed – is it too early for him to move on?

Check out video below.

Francesca Allured
Francesca Allured Picture


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