Michael Jackson Last Will and Testament

July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson Will and Testament has been revealed and we have the details from Michael’s last will and testament here. Check out photos and video as well.

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Michael Jackson Will and Testament

Michael’s Jackson’s last will and testament has been revealed and it seems that the beneficiaries of the Michael Jackson Family Trust are limited to his children and mother Katherine.

Michael Jackson’s will names his children and his mother as the beneficiaries with six other relatives, including his brother Tito’s three sons, named as “contingent remainder beneficiaries.” Meaning they would share the estate in the event that Jackson’s principal beneficiaries died before he did. Michael also wishes to distribute money to several charities.

It is believed that the value of Jackson’s estate “exceeds $500 million” consisting of “non-cash, non-liquid assets,” which include Jackson’s share of lucrative music royalty rights.

Michael’s mother Katherine is also named as the legal guardian to his children, but in the case that Jackson’s mother were to predecease him (or was unable or unwilling to serve as guardian), Jackson named Diana Ross as the guardian of his minor children.

The “Last Will of Michael Joseph Jackson” was executed in Los Angeles on July 7, 2002. The will, which was filed today, is 5 pages long. The will did not name how Michael wanted to be buried.

An attorney who had worked for Michael produced the 7-year-old will which named him and a music executive as executors. Katherine Jackson’s lawyers had asked a court for control of his affairs a day before. They are now evaluating the validity of Michael’s last will and testament.

Because the will was found after the filing, as of now, “Katherine Jackson has temporary custody of Michael Jackson’s two sons and his daughter and temporary control of his estate with limited powers, including the right to secure his tangible assets. In court filings requesting those powers Monday, her lawyers checked a box indicating that the singer died without a will, but they acknowledged elsewhere in the documents that they had heard of a will but not seen it.”

What do you think of Michael’s will? I think it is going to be a big mess getting it all sorted out. You can read Michael Jackson’s last will and testament in full here.

Check out photos and video below.

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