Lena Headey – LESBIAN Photos and Videos

March 22, 2007

All you want to see about Lena Headey is here. Her lesbian photos, tattoos, and a great kissing video with Piper Perabo. She has a sexy tattoo on her back! We had the trailer from “300here.

Lena is the sexy babe in the blockbuster movie ‘300’. Turns out that she played a lesbian in an earlier movie, which makes her role in ancient Greece in the movie “300” rather appropriate if you catch my drift.

An interview with Lena Healey and Piper Perabo about their lesbian roles in the movie “Imagine Me & You” is here.

Lena Headey and James Marsden
Rough Sex Video

Lena Headey and Piper Perabo
Lesbians Kissing Videos

Biography of Lena Headey is below:

The daughter of a British police officer, her father was sent to train police in Bermuda where Headey was born. The family returned to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire when she was aged 8.

Headey has appeared in Possession, Gossip, Onegin, The Remains of the Day and numerous other films. She appeared in two films with Piper Perabo: The Cave, where they played the only female characters in the film, and Imagine Me & You where they portrayed love interests.

Most recently, Lena was chosen to play Sarah Connor in the upcoming TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She also played Queen Gorgo in the 2007 film 300.

She has several tattoos, including one on her right shoulder saying “Jason” in Thai (for actor Jason Flemyng). The couple met on the 1994 film “The Jungle Book” and dated until 2001. The tattoos have since been changed into butterflies, a star on the inside of each of her lower arms, and a large lotus flower on her upper back. These were all concealed during 300. She is currently engaged to actor Johnny Cicco.

Source: Wiki

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