Susan Boyle: America’s Got Talent, Today Show Video

July 22, 2009

Here is the Susan Boyle America’s Got Talent video from the Today Show. See photos, video and find out what the famous Scottish singer has to say in an interview with NBC correspondent Meredith Vieira on the American version of the show that made her a global star, Britain’s Got Talent.

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UPDATE: Susan Boyle (picture above) talks about her rise to fame and more in the new interview, her first on U.S. television since her surprising second place finish on BGT. The interview was prerecorded in London, with portions broadcast on June 22, 2009 on both shows. You can see the Susan Boyle Today Show video along with the Susan Boyle America’s Got Talent video below.


Season 4 of America’s Got Talent is hosted by Nick Cannon with judges David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan. The latter is also a judge on Britain’s Got Talent and has long been one of the most fervent advocates on behalf of the 48-year-old singer from Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland who, surprisingly was a second-place finisher in the 2009 BGT, which saw the Diversity dance troupe become the winners.

According to a report in People Magazine, Piers Morgan was advocating for a Susan Boyle America’s Got Talent appearance.

If she’s up for it and she is well enough our feeling is she probably will [appear on ‘AGT’]. Absolutely! Susan singing live to 25 million Americans? That would be great!…She still gets a bit tired sometimes, but she is 48.”

Piers Morgan noted in another interview that her rise to international stardom has created a rise in the number of people who auditioned for AGT.

“From the time [Britain’s Got Talent] aired in Britain, thousands more people auditioned in America. She had a big effect on auditions”

The singer was, along with the all of the finalists, on the BGT tour where her performances were met by enthusiastic audiences and standing ovations. The Britain’s Got Talent tour wrapped on July 5.

In another interview, judge Piers Morgan noted that the ratings of BGT were up 50 percent because of the Scottish singer and said he expected ‘significant increases’ in the America’s Got Talent ratings. He also addressed the question of whether or not there might be a Susan Boyle equivalent in the upcoming AGT season.

“They’ll be fairly obvious when you see the first couple of shows who I’m talking about,” he teased. “They’re just acts when they came on I felt that shiver go up my spine.”

While there is no word on whether or not the singer will come stateside to sing in the equivalent of the reality TV show that has brought her global fame, it is clear that she has made her mark in the U.S. as she has around the world and her presence in a pre-recorded interview is highly anticipated.

More pictures and the July 22, 2009 Susan Boyle America’s Got Talent video and Susan Boyle Today Show video below.

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5 Responses to “Susan Boyle: America’s Got Talent, Today Show Video”

  1. 1
    Cecily Hansen Says:

    Please make it go away. We don’t want her to come here. Please no more of this SuBo, no more Susan-Boyle type stories. We get the story line, the unlikely talent, the surprise. But we are saturated with it. We’ve had enough. Enough, enough. It’s time for new people, new acts, and different stories. American ones.

  2. 2
    Jani Says:

    I’d love to see Susan in the US.
    However, Britain can keep Piers and Amanda!

  3. 3
    RJ Johnson Says:

    WHO are you and why should I care about your opinion when it comes to the entertainment business????

    R.J. Johnson
    TV Producer
    Prime-time shows on PBS, Showtime,
    Bravo, NBC (synd.), Fam. Ch., KTLA, KOCE, etc.

  4. 4
    Ann Pike Says:

    Where might one purchse Susan Boyle’s album?

  5. 5
    Patricia Says:

    You can pre-order the Susan Boyle album on It will be released on November 24.