Nivea Pregnant By Lil Wayne?

June 10, 2009

Nivea Hamilton, also called Nivea, is allegedly pregnant with rapper Lil Wayne’s baby. Read more and see photos and a video of here.

lil wayne

Not only is Lauran London rumored to be pregnant with Lil Wayne’s child, but so is singer Nivea Hamilton. According to photographer and industry insider, FreddyO, singer Nivea is pregnant with rapper Lil Wayne’s baby.

Freddy says, “I would like to be the first to send my congratulations to [Nivea] and her baby daddy soon-to- be husband Wayne. The two are said to be marrying within the next few months. Hummmm I wonder about that. Wayne will also be having a child with the one and only Ms. Lauren London who is also pregnant by him.”

If this is the case, Lil Wayne is going to be one busy papa!

Currently, Lil Wayne has two other children, daughter Reginae, 10, and 6-mos son Dwayne Carter III. Nivea is the ex-wife of singer/producer The Dream and has three children with him.

More photos and a video of Nivea are below.

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36 Responses to “Nivea Pregnant By Lil Wayne?”

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  1. 1
    miguel dougan mensa Says:

    hey body your are my idol so i’m so glad ,keep doing it big right i’m lil mensa ” the snacht ” bye take care

  2. 2
    amirah4 Says:

    What is wrong with the world? What happen to values one man for one women what happened to just being self respected. Dammm

  3. 3
    Wendy Willis Says:

    I agreed with Mrs.Truth! Was she too real for you guys? Do women have to lay down to get paid? Do all fake women wear fake hair? Or did you guys take that personal! Ladies, HIV is REAL!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4
    cori5267 Says:

    This is ridiculous to have a so called man lay down with women and have kids with possibly 4 different baby mamas.I mean his a good rapper,lyrics are cool,but is that how he wants to teach the kids today.Even if he wasn’t set out to be a role model he has kids looking out to him today,and now he will have kids saying its cool to have babies with different women without using any contraceptives(condoms)and risk contracting an STD.

  5. 5
    Jasmin C Says:

    I don’t think it’s true if it was then I think he would be a man about it and say so I mean it’s his child

  6. 6
    Shawnny Says:

    Wow, can we say “CONDOMS”?

  7. 7
    Miss Jenae Says:

    wow, nivea needs to find out what the hell she wanna do and so does lil wayne. nivea already had THREE kids by the dream and now she wanna lay up with lilwayne and have another one? wayne needs to RAP IT UP and laura londa den made the mistake of gettin into all this drama cuz thats all its gonna be when them babys are born.

  8. 8
    Deb Mayo Says:

    It’s a damn shame that this man, and many others, are walking around impregnanting women without the benefit of marriage and commitment. And then we wonder why our boys grow up to be irresponsible men who define themselves based on how many women they have and impregnate. Lil Wayne, or whatever his name is, ought to be ashamed of himself, and these women are just as bad for allowing it.

  9. 9
    domique Says:

    thats nasty gir he cheated

  10. 10
    4Real Says:

    So I agree with those of you who understand that he is being irresponsible as a man and as a father. Seriously, these ladies are recognized, imagine how many he raw doggin’ who ain’t? Who really cares about how much money yo daddy got if you never see him? On an emotional level folks, it should be a baby, not a b*astard bill. That’s a dream though. Seems like you get the covers of prominent magazines, your own t.v. show and don’t forget that guaranteed million dollars and house that may be on cribs if you are a baby momma. Two more future men to carry on this ignorant cycle!D*mn.

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