Quinn Ojinnaka Arrest Over Facebook Friend

June 1, 2009

Quinn Ojinnaka was arrested Wednesday morning after he and his wife got into an argument over someone he added as a friend on Facebook. Read more about his arrest and check out video here.


The Atlanta Falcons offensive tackle told police he was getting ready to watch a basketball game, when his wife confronted him and tried to stab him in the leg with a pen. According to reports, Quinn was accused of spitting on her, throwing her on some stairs and tossing her out of the house. Ojinnaka’s wife did not need medical attention.

Quinn Ojinnaka was released after four hours and posting a $2,400 bond. A Falcons spokesman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the Falcons coach Mike Smith had talked to Ojinnaka, but did not comment any further.

Ladies, don’t friend request Quinn Ojinnaka on Facebook!

Check out Falcons videos below.

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