Lady Gaga Rolling Stone Bubbles Cover

May 28, 2009

Lady Gaga graces the cover of Rolling Stone next month, and it seems Lady Gaga loves bubbles. The cover is quite sexy as Lady poses nude, with bubbles covering her. Read a bit from her interview and check out photos and a video here.

lady gaga bubbles

Lady Gaga is the cover girl for the next issue of Rolling Stone, and she makes quite a memorable statement posing nude covered in bubbles. She has quickly captured the attention of the world, including the queen of pop herself, Madonna, who attended one of Lady Gaga’s shows.

The 23 year old sensation opened up quite a bit in her interview, including about her sexuality and love life. Gaga, who is dating another musician named Speedy revealed that she feels like she is changing the idea people have of sexy, she doesn’t look like other pop stars. She also admitted that she is bisexual and said it’s an aspect of her sexuality that makes boyfriends “uncomfortable.”

“Speedy means a lot to me, but my music’s not going to wake up tomorrow morning and tell me it doesn’t love me anymore. So I’m content with my solitude. I’m OK with being alone. I choose to have someone in my life when I can.”

Lady GaGa was chosen for the cover of Rolling Stone’s annual Hot List edition. This year she has sold 10 million digital singles, but despite that success and recognition for crazy outfits and eccentric dance moves, the singer she has serious musical goals:

“My true legacy will be the test of time, and whether I can sustain a space in pop culture and really make stuff that will have a genuine impact.”

You can check out Ladgy Gaga’s bubble Rolling Stone cover here. We have a picture gallery below of her awesome outfits, including another bubble leotard, which seems to be her favorite trend. Video of Lady Gaga’s Rolling Stone photo shoot can also be found below

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One Response to “Lady Gaga Rolling Stone Bubbles Cover”

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    Cindy Says:

    If she doesn’t secure a legacy in pop culture with her music, she sure will with her crazy bubble outfits.