Hugh Hefner May Sell Playboy Empire To Richard Branson

May 27, 2009

Hugh Hefner may be selling his Playboy empire to Virgin Media mogul Richard Branson. The company has been hit hard by the economy it seems, so perhaps it will take Virgin to bring profits up. Read more and check out Playboy bunny pictures along with video here.

hugh hefner playboy

According to several reports, Hugh Hefner may sell Playboy, and in the pool of potential buyers is Virgin Media billionaire Richard Branson. The company had been severely affected by the internet, and probably the economy too, and suffered about $13 million in losses in the first quarter of 2009. Playboy shares hit as low as $1.15.

Hef, who is now 83, is rumored to be thinking in the $300 million range for the Playboy empire.

In other Playboy news, Hef’s former girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson is set to marry Hank Baskett at the Playboy mansion on June 27. The Playboy hottie disappointed many when she announced she will no longer pose for Playboy, and is instead thinking about having kids.

“I will always love Playboy and I will always love Hef, but I am officially done shooting for Playboy. “It’s time to move on to something new…We’ve been talking about kids a lot. We want to be young parents. I think we’re going to raise amazing kids!”

Check out more Playboy pictures and video below.

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3 Responses to “Hugh Hefner May Sell Playboy Empire To Richard Branson”

  1. 1
    joann Says:

    sooo sorry to see it go. we had so much fun at the clubs over the years. enjoyed the merchandise and the mag….heff you were great and showed us all how to live the good life. we wil miss it all. jo

  2. 2
    Pete Says:

    Hef, I drink a toast to your good health every time I’m out. Be good. It’s been good to know ya.

  3. 3
    truthsayer Says:

    To Hugh;

    I wish you well as you go into the night, now an old, creepy man who’s greatest feats were legitemizing a lifestyle that involves sleeping with mulitiple females that are the ages of your great granchildren and somehow making it seem like an ‘honor’ for parents to send their daughters to you to be exploited! Good job!

    Larry Flynt could buy you and pay the 300 million in cash, but he knows the company is no where near worth that, and losing value each day.

    Farewell Hugh. May you continue your sleazy romp and never run out of Viagara!