Taysha Valez: Youngest Billionaire

May 26, 2009

Meet Taysha Valez, a self-made, 27 year old billionaire, and owner of Socialite Collection makeup and skin care line. Read more about this fabulous beauty here.


Everyone is dying to know: Who is Taysha Valez? Surprisingly Taysha does not have a wikipedia article yet, but she should. This 27-year-old beauty is a self-made billionaire. She is also the author of Young Black Millionairess: How to Start a Million Dollar Business.

Here is what we know about Taysha Smith Valez. She is best known for her Socialite Collection line of skin care and make up products. She just started a new company called Tri-myTAY Telecom, and was recently spotted in Hawaii having lunch and doing business for her new company.

She has quite a fashion sense as you can imagine, and is often seen sporting all the latest trends. Most recently she was seen rockin’ the new Hermes Fall 2009 riding leggings, Rena Yip alligator green soled pumps, and a pink vintage Birkin bag. An outfit any girl would die for! You can see those pictures here.

Taysha Valez usually stays out of the spotlight, but she has been linked to high profile celebrities including Usher.

Check out several videos below.


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12 Responses to “Taysha Valez: Youngest Billionaire”

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  1. 1
    Inspector Gadget Says:

    This woman is a fraud. Do a search on her…nothing of substance

  2. 2
    Heather Says:

    Inspector Gadget is a fraud. Taysha is far from a fraud , do you even know what fraud means. You my dear are upset because you can’t afford what she’s selling. You feel shut out and closed off. Read her books . She is far from a fraud. She is more like a damn super hero. I love her . I love my books and i love chatting with her over at tayng.com . You are just mad because you can’t do.Those who can’t do yell baseless slander. Loser. Team Taysha Valez.

  3. 3
    Sam I am Says:

    I found this site from another site .
    I like my socialite mascaras. I have 4 of them . And I love my books. I agree Heather. Taysha is a Super Hero and a genius. She is a game changer . Inspector Gadget is a loser who was shut out and can’t afford to get in. lmao. She has not TAYemail and she is mad. She might be the one initials DA that made that hate site for Taysha. lol. Big time loser.

  4. 4
    Norma Says:

    At the ladies above , i think we all got directed here from the same site link. Team Taysha Valez. If you don’t like go kil yourself inspector Gadget. ha!

  5. 5
    Penny 4 my thoughts Says:

    After reading the GLOSS-ary i like Taysha even more lol. She keeps all the simple minded freeloaders guessing.

  6. 6
    Linda Says:

    While I do not know anything about Taysha Valez being a fraud, I do know that it is inaccurate to say that she is the world’s youngest billionaire. She is not.

    Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) is the world’s youngest billionaire at 23 and the world’s youngest female self made billionaire is Chu Lam Yiu. Fact.

  7. 7
    Domonique Says:

    @ Linda True. The only reason why a certain group of people are calling Taysha a fraud (and trust me its a small group because everyone else admires her) is because of self hate. The word fraud is used out of context because people don’t know her. It’s their way of getting people to defend themselves. This group thinks that if a person is not famous then they can’t be wealthy or worth billions. As if it’s a law to share your net worth with the media. Many people of high world are invisible to the average person. And not everyone is on a forbes list for many reasons. Safety in my humble opinion being the main reason. Truth be told if Taysha was White or Asian or anything else besides African decent , no one from said group would question it. Fact. I think they are saying that she is the youngest woman of African/Latin descent. Any case she is fab. And her acumen is top notch. Who else can sell mascara for over a thousand dollars a pop! Fact.

  8. 8
    Designer Says:

    @Linda..Taysha Valez de Ames is the Youngest Black Billionaire! Mark Shwartzberg or what ever his name is better watch out becuse alot of FB Memebers have left to go over to Tayng! get your paper up Mark!!

  9. 9

    Haha TAYNG what??? You people are a joke. Taysha is a fraud and has been exposed as such end of story

  10. 10
    GIGI Says:

    Looks like Taysha is talking to herself again, like she does all day long on twitter and myspace LOL! Everyone leaving postive comments about Taysha is Taysha herself( and this applies to every blog about her, they are all her), everyone knows she’s lying, but she can’t seem to stop lying. The girl is mentally ill so go easy on her. Anyone who is so stupid to come up with these outlandish lies, (youngest black billionaire, but lives in the ghetto in New Jersey) and expects people to believe it is a joke. A ghetto joke LOL. A ghetto joke that looks like she was born male LOL.

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