Mariah Carey Photos Hit the Net

May 25, 2009

Mariah Carey loves showing off her body so it is only inevitable that a slip here and there would take place. Her most recent happened at LAX, where Mariah forgot to put on a bra. Combine that, with a thin tight fitted shirt, and a zillion camera flashes, you have a see through shirt and a Mariah Carey slip. Check out pictures of Mariah here.

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Mariah Carey is one curvy superstar. And this hot mama loves showing off her body – and singing about men touching it – but that is another story. Mariah has had a few slips here and there. Although you know we can’t post pictures like that here, you can certainly find a nice gallery of redacted (safe) ones over at Egotastic.

Being she has so many slips – who wouldn’t wearing such formfitting outfits – it is not a surprise to learn that she supposedly has an entourage to assist her and prevent as few wardrobe malfunctions as possible.

According to reports, Mariah has a staff of 15 people that travel with her – including a cleavage assistant! This assistant maintains Mariah’s cleavage for all her personal appearances, monitoring her cleavage and reapplying modesty tape, if required.

If Mariah does have a cleavage assistant, perhaps it was sparked by one of her first slips – this one at a German television performance!

Check out a Mariah Carey cleavage gallery, along with video below.

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