Jermaine Dupri Tattoo: Janet Jackson Virgin or Pretending?

May 24, 2009

Ouch Janet Jackson. Here is the Jermaine Dupri tattoo story that is viral on the net for lack of common sense. See the photos below and tell us what you think of the pop singer as a virgin.

Jermaine Dupri  Janet tattoo

The celebrity couple have been together since 2002, which is a good 7 years going on 70 in Hollywood. For that they should be congratulated. So naturally Jermaine Dupri got a tattoo of Janet Jackson posing as a virgin on his flesh. Go figure.

Specifically, the Jermaine Dupri Janet tattoo depicts her as the Virgin Mary, immaculately impregnated with child and all.

The tattoo artist is named Jun Cha, but he might as well have been named WTF. Normally one doesn’t throw sacred bible characters on the ass (or ribs) of an aging celebrity. But that’s just me. Okay fine, the Virgin Mary is on his rib cage. What do you think about this really?

He thinks the whole idea is terrific. Just listen to what he said about the infamous Janet tattoo on his blog.

“This is me on the table twittering yall (see picture below) while I’m getting my rib cage done. This is the longest I’ve ever sat for a tat, I had to take 100 breaks that sh*t hurt like hell. Shout out to my man Jun Cha. I told yall I was getting something by him. If you are ever in LA and you serious about tattoos you need to holla at him.”

We need to holla alright, at both him and Jun Cha. What are they thinking to tattoo someone on your body. Don’t they know you always break up with her and then you are stuck in the bedroom with unexplainable overhead? Poor boy.

See the tattoo photos below.

Jermaine Dupri Janet tattooJermaine Dupri Janet tattoo 1

Jermaine Dupri  Janet Jackson tattooJermaine Dupri  JanetJermaine Dupri  Janet tattooJermaine Dupri  Janet Jackson virgin


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