Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn: Divorce or Reconciliation?

May 22, 2009

The saga of Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn continues in the news today. Are they divorcing or reconciling? Nobody knows, and perhaps you do not care but we have the full story below, including video and photos.

Sean Penn Robin Wright Penn

So the story is that Mr. Bigshot, Sean Penn wanted a divorce as inevitably happens with all Hollywood couples. One wonders why it took him so long. After voyages of discovery to the Dalai Lama and Hugo Chavez, the thrill seemed to be gone in his marriage.

Of course they will divorce. It is the Hollywood thing to do for shallow-minded pussies like Sean Penn. Even if he didn’t want it, only a beautiful damsel would stick with a nincompoop.

But alas, here we go again the saga of this Hollywood couple: Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn. He’s withdrawn his petition for divorce, perhaps realizing that a cad will usually get screwed in court.

According to the Daily News, the never deferring Penn allowed that “It was an arrogant mistake.” I’ll say. The day that men were allowed to marry was an arrogant mistake.

According to friends of the doomed couple, “They love each other like crazy but they fight like crazy.” Go figure. What this gal needs to do is get away with a freak like Sean Penn and live a normal life. Life is too short to get screwed with a dirt bag for eternity.

This is one woman’s opinion. What is yours?

More pictures of the happy couple are below, Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn, and a video too.

Robin Wright PennSean PennRobin Wright PennSean Penn Robin Wright PennSean Penn Robin Wright Penn

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