Madonna to Marry Jesus in Kabbalah Ceremony?

May 15, 2009

Reportedly, Madonna will marry Jesus Luz in a Kabbalah ceremony. He is the 22-year-old Brazilian model she has allegedly dated for several months.

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According to the Daily Mail, Jesus Luz’s father, Luiz Heitor Pinto da Luz, gave an interview to Quem magazine in Brazil. Reportedly, he said that Madonna is to marry Jesus in Kabbalah ceremony.

Madonna has long followed the Kabbalah faith and is frequently photographed arriving at and leaving from the Kabbalah Center in New York City, sometimes with her children and/or Jesus Luz. The ceremony would be the Kabbalah commitment ceremony which is apparently not a legally binding marriage.

Luiz Heitor Pinto da Luz said of his son Jesus Luz:

“He is very happy and this ceremony would just confirm that.

“‘My understanding is that this is just a consequence of what is happening. He is already living with her.”

The 50-year-old Queen of Pop Madonna met Jesus Luz in Rio de Janeiro in December 2008 where they took part in a provocative 46-page photo shoot by famed photographer Steven Klein for March 2009 issue of W magazine. Madonna’s divorce from her husband of eight years, British film director Guy Ritchie, had just been finalized weeks before the two met.

Ever since Madonna and Jesus Luz have been romantically linked, and a target both of paparazzi and widespread speculation in the media. Here are the W Magazine Madonna Jesus Luz photos that are still talked about.

Luiz Heitor Pinto da Luz went on to say that his son gets along well with Madonna’s three children, Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight and adopted son David Banda, three, and that he plays football with them.

He said he had met Madonna via telephone.

‘We’ve already spoken on the phone, in French because I don’t speak English fluently, and she seemed like a normal person,’ he said.

‘She is calm, feminine – I didn’t feel any harshness. She was very polite.’

He went on to deny some of the stories in the media saying, for instance it was not true that Madonna was paying $1,000 a week for English lessons for Jesus Luz or that she controlled his mobile phone usage.

‘Those stories are lies, made up when the press have no information. He already spoke English long before meeting her, when he lived with an aunt in the US.

The question remains. Will Madonna Marry Jesus in a Kabbalah Ceremony? And if so will we see any Madonna wedding photos?

More Madonna, Jesus photos and video are below.

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