K-Fed’s $40,000 A Month Not Enough?

May 13, 2009

Kevin Federline is facing a huge dilemma, the poor guy is struggling to make it on the $40,000 monthly payout from his ex-wife Britney Spears. K-Fed apparently thinks he is the one touring around the world and bringing in the big bucks.

kevin federline 1


Kevin Federline is struggling to make ends meet with the measly $40,000 a month Britney gives him. K-Fed apparently got too comfortable in the super star lifestyle and he needs more money.

According to reports, Kevin is struggling with finances; he just can’t make ends meet.

“Kevin has blown through millions of dollars. When he and Britney divorced, Kevin continued the superstar lifestyle, and he spends all the money that he gets.”

K-Fed spends $2,000 a month on food alone, as if that wasn’t obvious, the guy has put on a few. He also has housing expenses, nannies, bodyguards and partying to pay for – what is a guy to do?

“Kevin can’t afford the rent, his help, the food and the booze it takes to keep up (his home).”

Looks like K-Fed needs a job, like the rest of America, who averages $32,000 a year!

Check out more photos and video K-Fed below.

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6 Responses to “K-Fed’s $40,000 A Month Not Enough?”

  1. 1
    MJ Says:

    On half that money, I could live like a fun, thrilling artists’ life and never complain or be bored.
    Who couldn’t?
    God almighty, is the American way of life so trivial?
    Well, at least we have fun with the gossip factor.

  2. 2
    Kristin Says:

    WOW. Why doesn’t he get a job like everybody else? He needs to support himself and his habits. Maybe he’s the one who needs to go on a budget, not Britney.

  3. 3
    allan Says:

    K-Fed is a greedy immatuer a**. He needs to get off his dam lazy a** and get a job. Who in the h*** does he think he is? He has two children to support. He needs to get off his lazy a** and work like everybody else. It’s time for K-Fed to grow up, stop being a wimp, be a man and be a responsable dad. You agree??

  4. 4
    k-jelly Says:

    smartest guy ever! need to find me a stupid sugar mamma

  5. 5
    dj Says:

    oh only 40,000 a month give me a break, my family makes it on 30,ooo a year. And what does he get for 2,000 of food. anyone say cavier. Go to the grocery store like us regular folks. Watch movies at home or lay off of the nannies so much. It funnier to watch your kids grow up and not by nannies. K-Fed a word of advice BUDGET.

  6. 6
    pearlyblu Says:

    why does he need a body guard?

    Someone may take advantage of him?

    mmm, go buy a Mcdonald’s francise store and that could solve his money and eating habits.