Helen Phillips is Biggest Loser Winner, Season 7

May 13, 2009

Meet Helen Phillips, the ‘Biggest Loser’ winner crowned champion in the 2009 season 7. See her before and after photos, biography, and inspiring video as she went from fat to normal in the Biggest Loser TV contest.

She won on May 12th, 2009, beating Tara Costa and Mike Morelli in the final episode. Tara actually lost more weight but the fatty started with more weight to lose. What matters in the contest is the percent of body weight lost, not the total amount.

Beating Tara Costa was considered a surprise since she was the favorite as a former model and youngster at only 23 years old. In winning, Ms. Phillips became the oldest champion in the history of the show. Her first words were a joyous “Oh My God!” said in disbelief on national television. Cool!

As a biography Helen Phillips is 48 years old. She lost over half of herself, reducing from 257 pounds to a spectacular 117 pounds during the course of the show. She looks really great now while saying this in the final episode:

“I haven’t worn a dress in at least 10 years. It was just wonderful. I actually feel beautiful today. I haven’t felt that in a really long time.”

She think that she can keep the weight off too but she will have to keep up her training. Helen worked out from one to six hour every day in a highly intensive conditioning program including fully body workouts and cardiovascular exercises, led by the amazing Shaun Tahrebandi who is a strength and conditioning football coach.

Helen Phillips won $250,000 for her victory in Biggest Loser, which may come in handy. Her husband works at Chrysler automobile company which is facing bankruptcy proceedings.

The couple live in Sterling Heights, Michigan. She was a manager for a retail chain before retiring, presumably due to her weight problem. Their son Alex is a junior in high school.

See more pictures of Helen Phillips below, our Biggest Loser winner Season 7, along with an interview video about her weight reduction.

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4 Responses to “Helen Phillips is Biggest Loser Winner, Season 7”

  1. 1
    greg Says:

    Too bad she sacrificed her own daughter to win!

  2. 2
    Faith Says:

    One thing kids do is grow up. Growing up means realizing all the sacrifices mom has made to get you there. It is good and honorable when an adult child realizes that it is ok for mom to want something for herself, and actually allow her to have it.
    Helen is now in the position to return the favor and help her kids even more.
    GO HELEN!!!

  3. 3
    Leanne Says:

    i’m so happy that helen won. I knew she was gonna win. Right on helen i’m so proud of you.
    You are a success

  4. 4
    Catherine Says:

    I am Helen’s age and I’m sorry, she threw her daughter under the bus. Yes, adult children can understand that mom deserves the best too, but Helen had been thin when she was younger. Her own eating habits were reflected in her daughter.

    Hope it was worth the rift it caused; apparently (and I don’t know where I read this) mom and daughter no longer speak.