Joan Rivers Wins Celebrity Apprentice 2

May 10, 2009

Joan Rivers wins Celebrity Apprentice 2! This came as a surprise to very few people, in spite of her daughter’s dramatic meltdown last week when she, Melissa Rivers, was fired. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

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Joan Rivers

Poker player Annie Duke and Playboy model Brande Roderick teamed up against Melissa, which lead to her demise. Neither Melissa or Joan handled that well AT ALL.

But all’s well that end’s well, I suppose. At least it ended well for Joan. She beat out poker player Annie Duke on the Sunday night three-hour live finale.

Annie Duke and Joan Rivers had engaged in a feud throughout the season. The contentiousness only made the fact they were the final two more interesting. In the end, Joan won the sympathy of the viewers as well as the competition.

The finale challenge had the two finalists raising money for their respective charities. They had to sell Cirque du Soleil tickets and provide a pre-show VIP party. It was close. In fact, Annie was WAY ahead of Joan in sales, but Joan attracted bigger celebrities and brought in Kodak as a sponsor. Both used winning strategies and were applauded for their ability to integrate their charities into the sales.

Joan ended up raising $150,830 for her charity which supports meals for people with HIV/AIDS, God’s Love We Deliver. Annie raided $465,725 for her charity, which provides medical and educational support to people around the globe who have been displaced, Refugees International.

In the final showdown in the boardroom, it seemed to be their different tacts that finally clinched it for Joan. Donald Trump praised Annie for doing a good job throughout the competition and Joan for being a good role model. The whole name calling incidents didn’t seem to play into the final decision.

Should Joan have won in spite of name calling, pushy behavior and the fact that she didn’t raise nearly as much money as Annie? Was Trumps reasoning in his decision sound? Do you agree or disagree? There’s plenty to discuss about this dramatic and interesting season of Celebrity Apprentice! Tell us what you think!

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6 Responses to “Joan Rivers Wins Celebrity Apprentice 2”

  1. 1

    Joan Rivers must have sucked a lot of c%$& to get in that ole’ boys club and for what? A useless title that she can only milk until she croaks (which shouldn’t be too long from now, unless she sleeps in Tupperware to preserve her youthful appearance, LOL). This show was a set-up by the Illuminati, reptilians or whatever money blood-line that keep the ignorant in a boob-tube slumber. WAKE UP PEOPLE, even entertainment can pervade your spirit. I will effortlessly walk away from this show in order to maintain any shred of intelligence I have left. To anyone reading this: consider the hours you spend watching a show that was determined from the onset with no semblance of “reality”. Chose to be duped for another season if you will but know that you are a witness to the sickness and I’m not sure which is worst: Being the spectacle or watching it (mindlessly).

  2. 2
    Robin Steed Says:

    Oh, so sorry, “TRUMPISACHUMP”! Donald Trump restored my respect in him last night when he came to the right conclusion on Celebrity Apprentice 2. Winning at the expense of your own integrity is not winning at all – – and that is what would have happened if Annie Duke had been chosen as the new Celeb. Apprentice.
    Just because one can tell lies calmly and be quietly subversive doesn’t change the fact that they’re a liar and a divisive. Most of us saw through Annie Duke, and if Jim Chapman had not been part of the board team two weeks ago, it may have well been Annie that was fired instead of Melissa Rivers – – and that’s how it SHOULD have been. But truth prevailed last night!

  3. 3
    Bob Boone Says:

    It was obvious from about the 5th week on that Trump had decided that Rivers would win. When she lost as project manager, not one word was said about firing her. Most other loosing project managers were fired. When Pierce interviewed the final four he told Jesse James that this game was about raising money. When it became apparent that Annie could easily raise more that Rivers, money then only became 20% as important. The other 80%, being subjective, allowed Trump to picked Rivers as he had always planned to do. Trump has no integrity. So what’s new.

  4. 4
    Bram Majtlis Says:

    Joan Rivers deserved to win! The constant name calling of Annioe made her look like bad. She sould have ahad a bit more style and grace, 2 things she lacked of big time. Good for you Joan Rivers! You did a remarkable job and showed that age has nothing to do with having a good “Jidische Kop”. Mazzel-tov!

  5. 5
    J. Palmer Says:

    Having watched every season of The Apprentice, I will not watch again. Donald Trump was so obviously biased in favor of Joan Rivers, that it mattered not that Annie Duke had raised more money, lost fewer team projects, etc. and did a fantastic job of leading and achieving. Joan was THE ONE the “Great One” wanted to win. So that’s how it was going to be. Her unprofessional, childish behavior was absolutely ludicrous. The object of this show, rather than competition has become so-called entertainment at the whim of an arrogant, controlling ego-maniac.

  6. 6
    Bob Says:

    What a set up.It got Trump what he wanted including money which he must need in this real estate market.I really think Annie got the shaft. What a classier person. How she put up with yhat Joan Rivers and her daughters crap is beyond reasoning.