Mariann Fogarassy Is David Beckham’s Model Friend?

May 8, 2009

Mariann Fogarassy is David Beckham’s model friend? David is denying reports that he invited this blonde beauty to a private party in Milan, but she is telling another story. Read more about this cheating scandal here, and read a biography on Mariann here. We also have her sexy FHM pictures along with video you don’t want to miss.

Mariann Fogarasy

Mariann Fogarassy is David Beckham’s model? According to reports, Mariann says David has been emailing her and invited her to a private party in Milan.

“Beckham squeezed my elbow for a moment and smiled. Then I put my business card into his pocket. I knew he must have felt it. And in fact an email arrived today, saying that just in case I’d be in Milan next week, I’m invited to the club’s party. Luckily, I’ll be shooting in Milan next week.”

But a rep for David insists he has never met Mariann, and there is no party in Milan.

‘There is no truth in this story. I was there and there was no interaction with this woman at the stadium. There is also no party in Milan. She is seeking publicity.”

David himself remained mum on the issue until a French magazine reported that he had been to dinner with the beautiful model. He said,

“I do not flirt with other women – I exist only for Victoria. And just for the record Victoria will be in the stand on Sunday to watch me play against Juventus.”

Mariann Fogarassy is a 22 year old Hungarian model. She is quite stunning with wispy blonde hair, blue sparkling eyes, and although her petite measurements are unknown, you can guess by looking at her nude photos. That’s right, this buxom beauty has posed topless or nude for several magazines, including the smoking FHM photos we have posted below. She also posed naked for CKM. Those pictures are far too racy for us to post, but you can certainly search and find them easily!

Mariann Fogarassy claims that she met David at an AC Milan match in Budapest last week and he has been emailing her ever since.

This is David’s second accusation of straying from wife Victoria Beckham. In 2004, former PA Rebecca Loos claimed she had an affair with David.

Check out more photos and video of Mariann Fogarassy below.

Mariann Fogarasy  1Mariann Fogarasy

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