Kate Tucci: Stanley Tucci’s Wife

May 7, 2009

Meet Kate Tucci, the wife of actor Stanley Tucci who passed away from a long battle with cancer. See her photos, biography and video here.

Stanley Tucci

Kate Tucci is survived by her three children whom she had as Stanley Tucci’s wife when the couple were together. Two of them are twins, Isabel and Nicolo, while the third child is named Camilla.

They married in April 1995 when she was a social worker so the marriage lasted 14 years. She died in the final days of April 2009. He had a wake for her the following Saturday, May 2nd.

The couple separated from their life together in 2003 when he began dating Edie Falco according to gossip. They remained close. Upon her death, he made the following comment:

“My wife was an extraordinary person who showed us all what great strength is.”

Tucci the husband is a fine American actor. He was nominated for a Tony Award in 2002 and has appeared in award winning shows like Monk (won an Emmy for it) and ER. He will star with Meryl Streep in Julia and Julie, a 2009 movie about Julia Child in which he plays the husband of the famous kitchen queen.

In her own biography, Kate Tucci made one television appearance herself in 1996, a made for TV movie called “Full Circle” in which she played a ballerina named Tana.

See more pictures of Kate Tucci and a cool video below.

Kate TucciKate TucciKate TucciStanley Tucci wifeStanley Tucci

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2 Responses to “Kate Tucci: Stanley Tucci’s Wife”

  1. 1
    flowerchile Says:

    I believe Kate already had 2 children when she met Stanley. So this is most likely her second marriage and she is survived by 5 children, not just three.

  2. 2
    violin Says:

    Why did he cheat on his wife with Edie Falco?